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Discussion in 'REME' started by griffder, Apr 30, 2009.

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  1. Not allowed to go to the board this year but was on the last two and was making good progress.
    This has come about due to the new JCLM 2008.
    I bet the first thing anyone will say is that i should manage my life better but I asked my c of c and ets, rcmo's clark (sgt) and the calculator on the ms web they all said i was qualified for sgt board and that I'd been boarded befoe so i would be again.
    I nearly smashed my fist up when I found out that this was about to happen to me.
    I don't really mind that i have to do pt 2 & 3 just mind how late in the day the truth came out and that I won't go to the board with my peer's
    Anyone else in this situation?

    Did my JMC in 2003
  2. Yes, one of my full screws is in exactly the same boat, its a shitter isn't it. Get yourself qualified and good luck next year.
  3. Trust me you arent the only one mate,
    We have 3 guys in my LAD in the exact same situation, all did the old school JMC and considered themselves qualified only to be told that they werent CLM qualified under the new rules (this was about two weeks ago).

    Again they were told " your career, your responsibility".

    I know at least one of them is fighting it tooth and nail though, he claims (and has evidence apparently) that people on his JMC course picked up off the last board (december 08 or there abouts and fall under the new rules) without having done the jclm pt 2 & 3. He says it is discrimination that there is one rule for them and one rule for himself.

    More power to em i says, too many people just roll over and take it cos some faceless Tw@t says though sh!t,
    thats the way it is.
  4. This does not really make sense to me but perhaps I am missing something :? Or there is a key piece of detail missing from your original post.

    If you have been to the board 2 times previously and I assume got a recommendation for promotion on your most recent CR I am not sure why you did not go to the board. I'm no expert on the new CLM rules though - my gut feel is that a simple (!) rule change should not be filtering individuals out.

    If you think the MS Web CLM calculator is misleading or just plain wrong you should post the appropriate comment on the REME Sldr Wg page to get it fixed. Perhaps you should ask for an interview at the next REME Sldr Wg roadshow.

    Good luck
  5. Wrong attitude buryfc66,

    This is some ones life and career, the repercussions are huge both financially and on the individuals moral.

    We are great in this corp for constantly moving the goal posts and seeing ourselves off and who takes the brunt of it? Joe blogs on the shop floor. He gets denied a promotion while the rupert who instigated the change gets a pat on back, a new rank slide with extra pip and an MBE
  6. naked_mole_rat

    you'll have to keep my up to speed on how he gets on as I am planning my attack on this but waiting for the old man to get back in before going off half cocked then getting egg on my face.
    In the process of this I have sceen the board and aprox 150 are JCLM not qualified with only aprox 120 going onto the board. this is a poor show as the board was 426 aprox strong last year.

    Thanks G
  7. will do mate, though whether it will be in time for the board is another matter.

    Agreed about the poor show on the figures, it looks like the corp might have a large gap in manning that could have knock on affect for years to come.
  8. They might not get the right people for the slots.
    For me I was ranked very high in the regt as an attached arm out of 99 and for it not to be looked at is pulling up questions.
  9. Here is the latest from work,

    The 3 lads from the LAD have been told by the glasgow that rules are rules and that they will not go to the board until they are JCLM pt 2 & 3 qualified. When asked why individuals had picked up on the last board who werent qual'd MCM (or what ever they are calling themselves) said that they took their info straight off JPA and claimed that those individuals must have had their details entered wrong on the switch to JPA, hence they slipped through the net.

    By chance we had a bloke here who had "slipped through the net" and his competencies where printed off along with the 3 screws to show that they where all the same. MCMs reaction was "rules are rules" and these guys still wont go to the board and that if anyone had picked up well good for them as it is too late to reverse any decision. The boss said all this is down to a face change up north who more clued up than his predecessor . Apparently career fowling cant be called as it is your own job to ensure you are qualified.

    so to surmise, it is a lottery if MCM notice if you are qualified or not. If you slip through happy days, if not tough sh*t, you miss out on a stripe on your chest and money in your pocket.

    All as clear as mud, hope this helps you a bit.
  10. What do you mean "Wrong attitude"? I never disagreed with the original post, its a shitter like I said, but you aren't going to get MCM Div to change the rules back so no amount of bleating is going to do you any good.

    As I said I have a bloke in my section in the same boat, phone calls to MCM Div and advice from the AEC, guess what.....unlucky your not qualified so you wont go to the board, get qualified and good luck next year.

    Yes I agree its peoples lives and career and its w@nk but what can you do?
  11. I happen to know the bloke in question, and in any other situation I am sure he would have come out trumps . I can not beleive that we as a Corps are treating people like this , do we not want them to stay?

  12. The rules and regs surrounding JCLM are Army-wide, so not entirely the Corps' doing.
  13. The wrong attitude i was referring to was, "oh well we have been screwed over again, no big surprise! Lets chalk it up to experience and move on"

    Things have gone wrong and the system failed and heads need to roll because they have such profound effects on peoples lives. By rolling over and accepting it the culprits get away with it. In this case the people are our all knowing gods at MCM so no one wants to argue the point and rock the boat.

    In griffders case above if they hadnt let him go to the board twice previously he would have been under no impression he was qualified and would have gone off and done the course.

    In the other situations i referred to two people who did the EXACT same course and where equally qualified, one goes to the board and the other doesnt on account of MCMs c@ck up. One gets promoted and the other doesnt, is that fair! Of course not but will anyone be held to account?

    It is our MCM who messed things up and hence our corp but as too many on high are using their positions as a step to their next MBE instead of trying to sort the lads out like they are ment too we are left to just "suck it up"
  14. Correct me if I am wrong, but ithought that the whole idea of this new fangled JCLM was that you got selected for promotion THEN you did all your courses to become qualified. Whereas before like myself you had to complete EPC1 and SMC before you went to the board.

    So for them to now say that you have to be qualified before boarding is beyond me.

    I think also griffder should be referring to an SMC in 2003 not a JMC if he is complaining about not going to a sgt board.

    Incidentally griffder how much time do you have left to serve? Because that can exclude you from the board
  15. griffder - you've been well and truly shafted ... have you just returned from the Falklands by any chance?