not all terrorists are muslim but some are 4x4 drivers

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by brighton hippy, Jul 1, 2007.

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  1. :twisted: time to round them all up every lasts stupid one of them if your not a farmer chances are you don't need one.
    if your excuse is I need it to tow my caravan well I'm afraid there will be violence :twisted:
  2. i,m quaking in my boots mate! :D
  3. Damn right: this is the excuse that we have all been waiting for to perform a sort of kristalnacht on 4WD owners.
    Onwards comrades, we will march on a road of bones..
  4. What about the Mercs?
  5. Whats wrong with a good truck with 4 wheel drive???
  6. Nope - this is the start of the fight back. Just like the insane anti-fox hunting class war that has allowed a feral vermin to multiply to the point at which foxes are now stealing babies from prams in urban environments, the class-warfare generated targetting of 4x4's has pushed middle England to lawless fighting back.

    These guys were our first martyrs - the Orcs (Off Road Coalition for Sanity) are coming to an 'eco-friendly' electro three wheeler's convention near you, and we're looking for blood.

    All those who need proper vehicles - farmers, drug-dealers, women with children they care about, short people who need to see over all the muppets in their Prius's, anyone who owns a caravan or a horse or a boat, and people who desire the right to choose, are at breaking point.

    Beware! ORCS rule - and tree huggers with long hair are gonna get it first.
  7. nothing like driving a big 4by 4 down the road,especially with these fcuking floods in my neck of the woods!i bet the dealers will make a killing after this week. 8O
  8. I know god bless Dodge, now if only I could afford to buy a Hummer...
  9. Nothing like driving a big 4 by 4 over some lesbian tw@t who objects to its existence - several times... :lol:
  10. But what if she is a hot muff diver???
  11. Then she'll be 'fit' enough to dive out of the way -natural selection in action. Too fat, bull dyke? You're under the 'bull' bars, baby..
  12. Yeah but the fat ones leave dents, the skinny ones only smears.
  13. Then you need a tougher, bigger, 4 by 4 - I've never had a dent from 250 lbs of Jello in a pair of dungarees with a crew cut on top..
  14. Dodge is tough but if you hit something that big going fast enough it will dent the vehicle, but would you have the satisfaction of the deer in headlight look from the bull dyke??
  15. Oh -and cyclists are gonna get it, too. Skinny arsed lycra wearing queue jumping pedal pushers... I hate the way they sprinkle their sweat on my paint job as I cruise majestically past them. If you can't afford a proper vehicle, get the hell off the road, peasant scum...

    Particularly those arrogant looking ones with the kid in the little wheeled tent thing on the back, with the feckin red triangle on a pole thingy whipping about in the wind of my passing.

    Oh - and definitely those new age mothers who 'jog' with their kid in a 'runners pram' thing, with that insufferably pleased with themselves look - "look, look everyone, I'm the first mother in human history to have a baybee and go running within three years of the 'birthing experience'"

    Tw@ts, the lot of them.