Not all Labour MPs are tossers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by The-Lord-Flasheart, Jan 15, 2009.

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  1. Like his style.


    McDonnells explanation

    John McDonnell MP (Labour Hayes and Harlington) showed quite a bit of backbone in the House today. During Hoons announcement regarding Heathrows third runway, McDonnell stood up, walked over to the Mace, picked it up and placed it on the bench. He has been suspended from the House for five days. His issue is that Heathrow is in his constituency and lots of his constituants will lose their homes. He is pissed off that despite the government agreeing to a debate on the subject, they snubbed a vote. He quite rightly believes this goes against the peoples rights to have an elected member speak and vote on their behalf as opposed to the other way round.

    Lets hope this is the start of something bigger as disgruntled MPs start actually doing what they are elected to do and speak out against the non democratic way the government are acting towards the people they serve.
  2. All credit to him.
  3. He would have got far more of my gratitude and respect if he inserted the Mace up Hoon's ricker and used him as a fucking lollipop. :twisted:
  4. Biped

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  5. Damn, I was just about to start a thread on this.

    All credit to him (and I can't believe he's Labour).

  6. There seems to be a bit of a trend with MPs grabbing the Mace.

    1930 - John Beckett (ILP)
    1976 - Michael Heseltine (Conservative)
    1987 - Ron Brown (SLP)
    2009 - John McDonnell (Labour)

    Three out of the four occasions above were in protest against the Government of the day. Can you guess which party was in Government at the time?
  7. Well I was almost impressed.
    Right up until he started on about Green Policies.
  8. "1976 - Michael Heseltine (Conservative)"

    Star performance, Tarzan didn't just place it on a bench, he swung it around - it you're going to do it, do it right :thumright:

    In a reply Hoon said he'd travelled round the local residential area, and saw none having problems with house prices. Went on to say; "higher than where I live". Well that's sorted then, compulsory purchase the pratt's house and build the runway there. :twisted:

  9. At the present rate it won't be long before the Ministers appointed to their posts from outside the democratic processes outnumber those voted in by the electorate. Appointed to the Lords by a man unelected to his position as Prime Minister.

    On another thread here there's considerable ridicule paid out to those who compare our Government to that of Zimbabwe, but there's a shadow of desparation about it. How shaming is it that the Mother of Parliaments is reduced to this?
  10. Please, please explain Diane Abbott, one of the most abhorrent, self-obsessed Labour politicians in a party FULL of get the idea.
  11. Frank Field is good Labour MP.
  12. No, they're not all tossers, some of them are c*nts.

    I'll allow you Kate Hoey, but you cannot put up hard-left socialist Diane Abbot who supported every bill designed to destroy Grammar Schools and close down the Independent Sector, yet chose to send her son to St Pauls. As a Labour MP, the rules for the hoi polloi clearly do not apply to her or her family. She is a hypocrite of the most despicable order.
  13. All Labour MPs should be like Harold Wilson.
  14. Dead ?
  15. My hero Arold.
    Who gave Joe Stalin the RR Nene and years later had the UK build cheap transport ships, about 40, for Poland, allowing the Polish Yards to build the WarPac beach assault ships. Sort of altered the Strategic Balance in Europe,
    Good Old Mr. Wilson.