Not all Hairdressers are Poofs


******* good skills that woman.
I'm on the next flight over to book a bare back, er, blade all over.
When finally released, Viktor went first to hospital for treatment for his torn frenulum, and then reported Olga to the police.
Some robbers are.
What's her ARRSE username?

...must have got the idea from somewhere.

I wonder if Olga is a defected transgender British ex-squaddie
Didnt this happen years ago,

Just checked the article 2009
Olga and Viktor know exactly what the upshot was but I'm going to guess, "all over her tits"?
Don't mess with the Zohan Olga?


Kit Reviewer
LOL, never thought to check the date. I got that off the MSN news bit yesterday. Nice to see they are keeping up to date.
The OP story date is for 2009, but the Mail Online story is dated yesterday...must have been either a slow news day, or they have run out of phones to hack.
Olga's been done before, oh yes indeed, the Daily Heil Tardis must have just landed. Still I'm to Mingeytosk for a short back and sides, although I hear she does a good permanent blow and of course, something for the weekend!
I thought poofs only referred to civvy blokes who bat for the other side and the RAF Regiment ....... Are dikes/dykes also called poofs now ?

I know the Dutch call their dykes polders .........

Why can't I find a woman who'd lock me up, feed me on viagra and 'rape' me repeatedly ? (Is it rape if you want it Your Honour ?)

It is a SLOW afternoon isn't it ?

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