Not all 16 yearolds are chavs..

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MaddAussie, Aug 7, 2009.

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  1. "16-year-old Natasha Hall from Berkshire describes how she returned home to find a burglar in her house, negotiated with him to leave and then made him empty out his pockets."

    'Negotiated' with him? She should have stabbed the scrote.
  2. Good on her. When does she leave for Afghan to talk some sense into Terry? :)
  3. just like you would've eh :roll: yawwnnn

  4. Blah, Blah, Blah… Mr Social Worker's on the drip again…

    Last time some cvnt threw a stone at our window for a laugh he was treated to a dose of a baseball bat and a 4D Maglite for his pains by me and the wife - And yes, the Police did turn up and told us well done.

    You carry on feeling sorry for the scum of society, me? I treat them in the only manner they understand and by fvck do they understand a good beating. And if I did find some cvnt in my house? He won't be walking out under his own steam, guaranteed.

    Now do me a favour and say hello to the scum you live with in Toxteth… yes, I've been there, just about the worst cesspit in Britain. Still, being as how you live in such a dump, it's no surprise you can relate to and feel so sorry for the scumlife of society. What's it they say? Oh yes, if you live in a sewer you end up smelling of shit. :wink:
  5. blah blah blah baseball bat blah blah maglite blah blah blah plod said well done yawn yawn, I notice in all your previous posts theres no mention of your previous unit etc,but judging by the above your a one man vigilante on the mean streets of Godalming or Chester or whatever little village you live in :roll: ..........and then you wake up from your Charles Bronson fantasy.
    Toxteth worst cesspit, your behind the times, I have an architect and a solicitor as my neighbours , I work on the oil rigs and make 6 figures and could easily live elsewhere but prefer the community spirit of Tokky ( we've moved on since the riots or did'nt they mention that in the Daily Mail ), seeing as I have a life ( not a fantasy one like yours ) I'm off for a pint I'll leave you on here to be suitably outraged about something ( yes I've read your previous posts, nothing but negativity you lonely bitter little man ....goodnight...

  6. You want some cheese with that whine?

    A solicitor as a neighbour eh? Not surprising really is it in Liverpool, boom market with lots of work for them up there. :wink:

    Godalming or Chester? Aha! That's it! Your jealous of us prosperous southerners! Chester? how working class, try down on the sunny south coast at Thorney.

    Nice area, well spoken people, low crime, lots of jobs for the kids and the sun shines rather a lot and the waters clean enough to swim in - Pretty much everything LIverpool isn't :D
  7. If I can interrupt you two for a minute (you sure you don't want a room?)...

    She's bloody lucky; could easily have been "16yo girl stabbed after disturbing burglar". A courageous girl, though.
  8. A 'good news' story turned into negative one in 2 posts. Only on ARRSE...
  9. Just as I thought, all your experiences of chav's / drugs are based on your experiences on the mean streets of Thorney !!! wherever the f*ck that is, a hotbed of chav / drug activity :roll: ,in other words you get all your info from the Daily Mail as I thought, another "Mr Outraged" with no actual first hand experience of your talking about.......
    Why would I be jealous of " prosperous southerners" as I said I earn way way more than the average wage, and a lot more than most southerners, no jealousy here !!
    I take issue with people like yourself forever spouting on about on and outraged about shit they know f*ck all about, you probably passed through Liverpool in your car hence your an expert on it, :roll: you once saw a fella in trackies smoking a spliff and suddenly you know all about drug culture, :roll: you read it in the Dail Mail it must be true ..........middle england at its worst
  10. Good for her. Agree about the voice though. :D
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