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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Technocratic_Turbine, Dec 16, 2010.

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  1. Above Top Secret

    Quite risible slander against British Army soldiers there. I would put this in the "ARRSE Hole" section but I'm not permitted to start a new thread there, so I put it here instead. I'll leave it in your collective and capable hands.
  2. It's Tinfoil hat central. What did you expect, a rigorous and perceptive academic paper?

  3. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    How many forums do you actually trawl through, looking for posts where a no-mark as pathetic as yourself might have said some slightly disparaging against the military?

    Die in a fire, outrage infested buffoon.
  4. Technocratic_Turbine - Thanks for curing my insomnia you dull kunt.
  5. I have some interesting belly button fluff
  6. What's been said by NadaCambia is nothing new, things like that have always been said about the Army. I remember hearing in the 70's half the Infantry were populated by lads that were given the choice of serve or Borstal. In the 80's it was definitely a choice of join up or sign on. When I told my mother I was joining up, she told me more or less the same, that the Army was full of thugs (she herself had served in the Army and WAAF). She wanted me to join the RN instead! :lol: Instead of getting all outraged, smile, nod and move on, it infuriates them more.
  7. I've read more annoying coffee jar labels.
  8. Well, at least she's right in my case! :)
  9. Cast a wide enough net...:)
  10. You have to go abroad to slot a sandwog?

    Sod that with crimbo on the way, I just can't afford it.

    What about those Eastern Europeans with the flat bit on the back of their head?
  11. Is it blue? Mines always blue.
  12. Don't be obstuse, I merely found it amusing, as I originally stated. If you'd like me to write a rigorous and perceptive academic paper (I prefer the terms 'essay'/'treatise') (1) in order to provide greater clarification then I certainly can do. However, if were to do so, it would only be boooring. :-D

    I didn't trawl through any posts. In fact I wasn't even looking for such a sentiment, which would patently be a waste of my time. No son, I was merely googling something on Jody McIntyre (the upstart with cerebral palsy) when I unexpectedly came across that page. As I found it amusing (I did call it "risible" afterall) I thought I'd share it here for anyone else who'd find it amusing. Your reaction is rather amusing for its lack of accuracy in addition to the matter that you seem to be a little 'outraged' yourself.

    You're welcome, come back if you wish a referral. However after reading your delightful entry. One has become even more dull(ed).

    Righto, the point was how humorous it was not how annoying. ;-)

    I know, I just found it quite funny and worthy of a mention in the NAAFI bar. One other thing I find funny is how people think that joining the army is a desperate measure. Where in fact you're billetted, giving lodging, food etc and course qualifications and training that can be quite useful in ordinary civilian life. No debt, no degrees and no dole! So what experience did your mother have to make her so vehemently opposed to the army? I'm sure it was more than a few wolf whistles. Have you ever had a moment where in conversation someone has said something similar against the army and you let slip you served?


    1. I know you have a certain aversion to any text put in parenthesis/parentheses so I thought I'd add it in for you.
  13. bastard I was going to ask that, but for once read to the end of the thread

    so why is it always blue
  14. Could it be that he wears a blue uniform?
  15. The Army is full of thugs and scum though.