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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by zetlander, Dec 26, 2007.

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  1. Why does my son in law (12 years in the army) never ever mention his time in the army or make any reference to it?

  2. Because he was really in Parkhurst HMP ?
  3. Youve probably never served, so he sees no need to?

    One of those 'You really needed to be there to appreciate it..' kind of things. I dont talk to my in laws about my service if it's any consolation.
    He could probably wax lyrical about things he got up to with the lads, but doesnt see cause to. You'd probably not understand?

    If you have served, maybe he just doesnt want to talk about it, plain n simple.
  4. he talks about it all the time...just not to you because he hates you and is at the moment planning to dispose of you. If he offers to cook dinner for you, DONT ACCEPT
  5. Was he in the Catering Corp, there well trained on poisoning techniques :?
  6. you seen that film with Steven Segal...the one on the train....thats all im saying :wink:
  7. Was that Noddy goes to Toytown :?
  8. Also the one on the ship that started the trend. Iron, why oh why, just keep looking over your shoulder, mate, we're coming after you. Remember, we're not special forces, only chefs !!!!!!
  9. for the same reasons my dad never talks about his service, I wasn't there so can't relate to what he went through.
    I live with the side effects of service - the PTSD, mood swings, his illnesses as a result of service and the homelessness when he was discharged. BUT he never talks about the forces or his mates who were killed in front of him, Its not something you discuss with civis and despite being family we are civis and hes the soldier. It was great living on army camp/army community housing but its all history now we are in civi street.

    If he wants to tell me he will but I won't ask him as I have seen his nightmares - mum's been kicked out of bed more than once cause he was dreaming we were under attack, so why ask him what happened - its obviously not all happy memories
  10. My father, who served throughout the Second World War in Europe and Africa, and then in Aden (different mob), has only opened up once - after a news item on the Battle of the Bulge. He explained that they were told to dig in deep and that "this is it and there is no retreat. You will fight until all ammunition is expended". Then he clammed up.

    Even though I now have more medals than he has and, even though he is immensely proud of what I have achieved in today's Army, it has not loosened him any.

    Some things, I guess, are best left undisturbed.

  11. I'm invited for a meal on New Years Eve -- he's making a venison pie - should I be worried, very worried.

  12. You should ask him about his service and where he served. He can only tell you to fcuk off.
  13. Venison Pie? Oh niiice. :D

    Ring him n tell him you cant make it but there's a load of squaddies coming round instead.

    Guarantee we'd have him chirping like a canary by the time we've downed a few pints after scoff.

    Anyone up for Venison Pie then Lads??
  14. Have you ever asked him about his service?

    I only ever answer questions when asked. I only go home on leave, and the last thing I want to talk about it the army.
  15. The important thing is that this guy is a brilliant husband and father and I'm delighted he's part of my family.


    p.s. anyone for venison pie - it's along way up here but you'll be welcome!