Not a War???

I go back to a previous thread i posted on that religion has no place in a modern world.........****** vicar should go and hang himself
It's obvious that the anti war vicar has his own axe to grind, or why wouldn't he explain the 5 year rule the diocese speak about?

Tell him to fcuk off and find a better place for the plaque than in a church presided over by a RAVING tit (who's probably bum shagging the choir boys!!), who doesn't care about people, and has never learned anything about how to deal with the grief of others!!!

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edit to add several fcuking angry smileys!!!!
War is where there is a Declaration of War read out by the Government.

We are currently not at War.

Doesnt take away from the fact that that *****ing Vicar needs a bloody good slap and then some.
I don't think there was a war between 1945 and the Falklands war. We had the Korean Police Action and Malayan Emercency to name just two. I don't think Aden, Cyprus or NI were classed as wars. For this idiot vicar to refuse to honour a casualty of whatever it's called because it's not OUR war is disgusting. Unfortunately this type of idiot has always bbeen around and no doubt always will be . I simply treat them with the contempt they deserve. Being agnostic by nature I take no notice of their ramblings anyway.


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OTOH, I am pretty sure that UN Resolutions 50 - 52 or thereabouts discuss the state of war and that one of them states that an act of war is an implicit declaration of war.
He doesnt actually say that we are not at war, he says that it isnt our war.
The man is a prick and needs a good kicking from the lord, isnt it his house that we go to on remembrance day to remember our fallen comrades?
It doesnt matter whether or not its our war, one of ours has paid the ultimate price and should be remembered.
According to, war is:

1. A state of open, armed, often prolonged conflict carried on between nations, states, or parties.
2. The period of such conflict.
3. The techniques and procedures of war; military science.

Not that it's important. If these reports turn out to be true, he should be strung up.

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