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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by needtoknowbasis, Feb 25, 2009.

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  1. During my youth I served with a line infantry regiment. Five years, leaving as a Lance Jack.

    During a moment of madness, I committed a criminal offence that resulted in civilan custody (I beat the granny out of someone - but the details are irrelevent I think) and as a result was discharged.

    Anyway, time flies. This was 15 years ago and the record is long spent but obviously the discharge remains. I've got itchy feet and really fancy joining the TA - witht he specific intention of touring.

    Be honest, do I have anything to offer? DO I even bother to apply?

    I was a good soldier, if I say so myself, but the **** needed it and I gave it to him and feel punished as a result. Maybe rightly so, but my unit wanted to keep me and now I just want to have another crack.

    Yes, I did end up doing other things abroad and such but it's mostly shite and not nearly the same - don;t let anyone kid you otherwise.
  2. I think you're fucked..
  3. phone up your local TA unit, ask to come in for a 'chat' with the recruiting officer. be honest with him.
    having a few good referees to state your good character over the last few years may help.

    ignore the c*nty little trolls on this site.
  4. What he said !
    I in my foolishness commited a couple of similar indiscretions when in that very nearly had me binned, I have had a couple of interviews at a couple of T.A. centres recently and the response was the same "cheers for telling us, we would have found out anyway!"
    All he can say is "No"
  5. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    The unit you apply to can complete paperwork to the effect that they are aware of your discharge terms, and are happy to accept your application in view time passed, record of good character since etc.

    Apply, be honest, and get them to do the paperwork for you.
  6. What they said mate, give it a go and tell the whole story. What have you got to lose - and yes we do need you.
  7. I know of one case similar to this where the said person got accepted :)

    Good luck.

  8. I would follow the dukes advice, if they want you it's all possible

    best of luck
  9. Many thanks for your replies. I feel energised and will make contact I think.
  10. Don´t say that at your interview, it sounds proper chad... :D

    Hopefully, your records or what not may show that your unit wanted to keep you, which could help. Given the time difference, most units will probably overlook your faux pas.

    Hopefully your discharge papers will not have anything to concrete for your discharge. ie "Do not ever let this guy in aagin... ever".
  11. ditto above

    mate of mine who join at the same time had a slight disagreement with the local plod....told em the truth and hes a fellow TA bod
  12. I was in charge of recruit reception for a few years for my Inf company. Being in the Eat End of London we had quite a few dodgy characters trying to join for a multitude of reasons. We had lots of knock-backs - thanks but no thanks - including one lad who joined the NF for one year when he was still at school. Even though it was a childish thing to do and was ten years in the past he wasn't accepted (our black recruits seargent actually tried to get that descision overturned but with no joy - he was a sucker for hopeless cases!). We did have a few lads who had GBH or assault convictions that joined after their convictions were spent and they turned out to be good lads and keen soldiers. Those with time on their convictions we told to come back - most didn't but we gave them a chance. We even had quite a few ex-regs who were dishonourably discharged but our PSAO made it clear they were not welcome.
  13. im in a similar position unsatisfactory conduct I spent time in mctc and a snlr my local ta unit want me just be honest from the start.
    the OC of my local unit is writing a letter to manning and records saying that I was a young soldier at the time and am a more mature person now.
    just waiting on Glasgow to give me the go ahead.
    like I said just be honest from the start !
  14. You're a poet and you didn't know it...