Not a shock but its here today

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by emptyeye, Oct 14, 2009.

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  1. Arrived today, no suprise though
    1. The County, along with the rest of the ACF/CCF, TA and UOTCs, have today been directed to implement certain savings measures designed to mitigate the in-year overspend for the Army. Much of the information is now available on the internet, well in advance of the chain of command’s briefing. This has made it necessary for me to inform you of the facts much earlier than I would have liked (there is still much that requires clarification) in order to prevent extravagant rumours from being started.

    2. It will come as no surprise that, despite previous assurances by the Government that the ACF will remain unscathed, the ACF are, indeed, affected significantly. Nonetheless, these measures have come as a bolt out of the blue and take effect immediately.


    a. ACF briefings and conferences.

    b. Non-essential adult training.

    c. All adventurous training less basic proficiency courses for adult instructors.

    d. Week-end cadet training which would normally attract T&S and PTDs.

    4. The following activities may continue and will attract T&S support, but PTDs will not be paid:

    a. Routine evening training in the detachment.

    5. The following activities will not attract T&S support or PTDs:

    a. Planning conferences.

    b. Public relations courses.

    c. 50% of Adventurous Training. (This appears to contradict para 2c and therefore requires clarification.)


    6. ACFs are to maintain, in order of priority:

    a. Routine unpaid ACF Cadet activity.

    b. Within Brigades and CTC, continue the induction and training of newly recruited adults and the further training and qualification of other adults so that cadets may be trained safely. Specifically this must be focussed on those basic low-level training qualifications which enable basic cadet training rather than those specialist courses which only benefit the few.

    c. Continue with Brigade week-end concentrations which deliver a high value return in the form of multiple adult instructor training qualifications.

    d. Driver training (D1 licence).

    e. Contribution to the tri-service Cadet150 launch in Feb 2010.

    f. Specified national training and events for which T&S will be granted but not PTDs.

    g. Planned regional Cadet 150 events. Not funded at present.

    h. Courses which award qualifications towards BTEC.
  2. Truly heart-warming to see that while the Government pumps untold millions towards the feckless, lazy and disinterested youth, it looks to make tiny savings from an worthwhile organisation full of decent kids. What wonderful times we live in.
  3. Please forgive the following slight change to an excellent post:

    Truly heart-warming to see that while the Government pumps untold millions towards the feckless, lazy and disinterested youth, it looks to make tiny savings from an worthwhile organisation full of decent kids quite a few of whom were feckless, lazy, and disinterested before they became cadets. What wonderful times we live in.
  4. ...and some of who will become bored with yet another camp or activity cancelled and will quit to become feckless, lazy and disinterested again, as it seems to be what the government wants them to be...
  5. yeah i saw in the paper today that a council somewhere gives asylum seeking youths £25 PER WEEK 'pocket money' to help them learn to use english currency!


    apparently there's 44000 cadets. If each of those was given £100 a month towards cadet activites (not fags and nikes) then this organisation would £4.5m a month to work with.

    But nah - asylum seekers deserve it far more.
  6. Isn't that £4.4 million.............. lol
  7. You lie like a cheap NAAFI watch........... But then again when has NAAFI ever sold cheap watches.........
  8. im not lying!

    the 5 button is right next to the 4.
  9. so based on this ...

    the frimley courses will continue?

    At unit level no adult training ?

    No weekends for the cadets ?

    The AT stuff is unpaid same as the TA ?

    The cut in adult nice to have courses is no real surprise and neither is the AT stuff and all the PR "look at me "expenditure.

    But cutting cadets weekend training is a shame.(Would imagine this will mean no more weekends for the rest of the financial year.)

    But the TA have copped the same pill so was to be expected!

    The rugby club will be pleased !
  10. Did it ever occur to you that HM Forces and sponsored cadet organisations are funded by HM Govt and that councils raise revenue via Council Tax and therefore do not fund HM Forces or cadet organisations?

    Your little rant is akin to complaining that you don't get paid your best mate's salary on top of your own every time he goes out to work.

    If you are going to rant, it helps not to make yourself look utterly stupid by make points that are irrelevant.
  11. well if the council tax wasn't wasted on shite, it could be spent on things that national taxes pay for.

    not to mention that many ACF detachments get much of their funding from the local council.
  12. As expected our county echoed......

    No PTDS for the remainder of the financial year for weekend trg and internal /bde courses

    Frimley courses will still be paid

    home to duty travel expenses will still be paid for evening training
  13. Im just curious to see about those adults who only just stag on for 2 weeks at annual camps, if they stick around!!
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Do the adults get paid? That I wasnt aware off. Surely a youth organisation like the scouts doesnt pay its grown ups so why do the cadets?