Not a marksman then?

I have to say I recoiled from the photographs of the latest woman to have a full face transplant. She looked like Shrek.
However, on reading the story line, I see that her husband shot her in the face with a shotgun. Then, in the time hallowed phrase we have come to expect in such reports from America, he "turned the gun on himself" And survived! So - kinda rules him out of Delta Force.
Any suggestions as to who might be improved with a full face transplant? I've already claimed Cyclops who pays for his cleaner; he would need two donors.
joeblocky said:
yanks cant shoot for s***
Of course you're right: said:
A relative newcomer to the sport, Brown has been participating in benchrest competitions in his home state of Montana for three years. He went to the Northwest 1000 Yard Benchrest Association-sanctioned event last August in spite of foreboding conditions. Forest fires were raging across much of northwestern Montana, and the 1000-yard range in Missoula was closed. But rain the night before had cleared the air in Whitefish which also has an official 1000-yard range. The shoot was on. “I shot a 10-shot group for the record. It came out 4.2278. I wasn’t trying for the record, but conditions that morning were perfect and I had the best equipment that you could possibly have.”


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I don't think it was the chap's aim that was the problem, it was his choice of weapon. Personally, I would have chosen a .308, .338 or even a .50 with expanding ammo. That would have done the job.

They might be good shots these septics, but fuck, ain't they stupid?

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