Not a funny - BMW motorcycle help needed!

What-ho, Oh Sons of Khaki.

I've just bought my first BMW after 20 years of biking and I have some (quick) queries! It's a 1987 K100 and looks to be in excellent condition. 65000 miles and £1000 so it would appear to be a bargain. However:

Firstly, in a "hands off" test it veers not too violently but definitely to the right. Am I correct in thinking this is a characteristic of the shaft drive and as such not a problem because it's a tad unnerving, to say the least!

Secondly, what are all the clicks on the ignition between on and off? There are at least 3!

Thirdly, on the bars there are switches which don't appear to do anything! Emergency lights - nope. Heated grips - doesn't seem to work. A button for the horn? Not sure what that does but the "real" horn button produces the only decent motorcycle horn I've ever heard! Fantastic!

Finally (!), I'm 6' 1" and the noise is deafening. What aftermarket screen should I invest it? I haven't topped 90 yet as the handling isn't what I'm used to - looks like I'll need to lean far more than usual in corners!

I can see why the police use them - I feel in total command of my bit of the road on this bike.

I really appreciate your help with this gents.


Thanks for your reply. The right fork is deffo slightly shorter than the left one. I'll look into fixing that.

The lights are more interesting - looks like they're for Police sirens and lights. Do you think alk K100s come with these switches or must I have a police bike? It blue not white!

Fill the paniers with malt loaf... over inflate the tyres and ride as quick as you can into a big oak tree.

Hope this helps

Barry Sheen
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