not a bone or walt lsw a2 question

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by mudbloodgreenfieldsbeyond, May 30, 2006.

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  1. down in our loveley acf county we have had our lsw a1's took of us and been told we are due to get a2's, but ive heard that the old mags will not fit the a2's ,i know all about the new blank mags etc but sureley the old mags will also fit? can any one shead some light on this,im sure this has been asked before but i cant see an answer else where cheers all tomo
  2. Hi,

    Just to let you know I was on Exercise with the TA and we had the Cadet GP (which was nice) I did manage to "have a go" with one of the TA A2s (with supervision from the TA) but they only had 2 blank mags for it, you know the yellow ones.

    During a rather heated part of an Ambush the two mags were empty. I asked the LSW Gunner (he had an A1 LSW) next to me to give me one of his normal Radway Green mags.

    It did fit the A2 and worked well.

    Hope that helps.


  3. Ok, I'll bite :D

    A1 magazines = turd. Made of the same "metal" that your Bosnia medal is (probably :eek:)!!

    The new magazines are 100% more robust, with much more reliable springs, platforms, casings....... so, actually a completely new item!

    Whilst the old magazines will "fit" in the magazine housing, it is unlikely to be able to stand the pressure. The upgraded parts in the weapon mean that every time you try to put a round in the chamber (I can't say c**k on here!), the old magazine WILL cause a stoppage.

    To that end - don't bother! The A2 weappons will be complete to CES - i.e. including the new magazines. Stick with them and you'll have hours of endless range time without stoppages.

  4. Think you're getting confused old son.

    Mags for A2 are completely different to the A1. No interoperability (is that a word?)between them!

    I'd be surprised if you're getting LSW A2, why would the ACF get it before the rest of the Army?

  5. right so old mags dont fit new weapon ok,as for us getting a2's before the rest of the army,this came from our new cadet training team bod,and i can only guess that as most troops who deploy on active duty dont seem to use lsw ive only ever seen the SAW or what ever its called this week,i suppose as the contract for spares is up its cheeper to issue us a2's,dont know just a guess
  6. True, must admit i have not seen an A2 LSW yet, everone seems to still have the A1 version or even better a minimi :twisted:
  7. got issued a2 lsw's at chillwel but only had them in theatre for a few weeks before we got minimis
  8. Surprised to hear of LSWs being replaced by minimi, as this is not the case in a rfile section, which is equipped with both. Each weapon complements the other. Higher rate of fire / short range and a lower rate of more accurate fire at long range. The section is way more potent for it.
  9. i was in a rifle section and thats what happened
  10. I thought the new setup was one A2 with grenade launcher one A2 one LSW and one minimi per 4 man group
  11. Yep, that's your standard Inf fire team. Double it and you get a section!
  12. well thats the way we done but with everything ta it was probably wrong
  13. am an infanteer but was working as a regi' mutt handler and so didnt get out with infantry sections all that much, except while at umm qasar but the guys i patrolled with only had A2's, no minimi or Long Silly Weapons
  14. As someone currently serving in Iraq at least one person on topcover should have an LMG. I know this isn't always the case but due to the current security situation if you get contacted it's far safer to have an LMG up there supressing the enemy.

    As for the situation with magazines. The A2 was designed to work with the old magazines in case of emergency, however as stated earlier I wouldn't recommend it. The A2 specs are practically identical to the A1. The main differences are the cocking handle and the gas parts. All the other parts (such as recoil rod assembly) are just made of a superior material so there is no reason why it wouldn't work. You can also be a mong and put blank rounds in the normal magazines. The reason you use the new blank mags is so the bull rounds won't fit incase you fcuk up.

  15. the magazine housing on the SA80 hasnt changed between the a1 and a2,
    the magazines are designed and built to the NATO standerd, and are quite interchangable,
    the 'old' magazine was the main reason for stoppages with the weapon, the new mag is a LOT better made, better material, stronger spring ect.

    its the difference between a skoda and a rolls royce.