not a bad idea???

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by JennyTwoWombs, Feb 25, 2011.

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  1. Hey guys, doing a project on crime and punishment and came across, this, basically i think it ticks all the boxes

    28. Investigate the feasibility of building
    Community Payback Centres, where convicted
    law-breakers would be required to walk on
    treadmills or to pedal cycling machines
    connected to dynamos to generate electricity,
    which would be passed to the UK National Grid
    for the benefit of the community. A good way of
    putting something back into the community. Instead
    of giving criminals Asbos, small fines, police
    reprimands or other penalties widely regarded as
    lenient, why can't they be required to generate
    electricity that everybody needs? Instead of paying
    a £100 fine, wouldn't generating 1,000 KW of
    electricity be better? Most people would agree that
    there is nothing wrong with a vandal being made to
    generate electricity to power a street-lamp, or the
    lighting in a hospital waiting area. Offenders
    generating electricity would be given a reasonable
    time and several sessions in which to generate the
    amount of electricity ordered by the courts. It would
    be very eco-friendly and reduce the UK's carbon
    footprint. This is not intended to be a humorous
    petition. It merely asks for a feasibility study into what
    could well be a very good way of punishing
    offenders, while also helping the community and
    protecting the environment. As far as making a point
    about Government policy is concerned, the petition
    says that current sentencing practice is widely seen
    as lenient, and suggests how this might be improved

    Im thinking of doing my project on this so any comments gratefully receiced Jenni xxx
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  7. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    Nope, can't find that text in Dostoevsky's version. Are you reviewing the right book?

  8. Utter crap. Try an exercise bike with an energy meter on it; you have to work up a sweat like a race horse to generate even 100W of electricity, the amount required to run an incandescent light bulb.

    1,000 kW (note capitals are used where names are abbreviated, Watt Newton, Pascal, Kelvin, etc) is a measure of instantaneous power flow rate. The actual amount of energy used is kW/h. You could generate electricity for much less capital cost AND less cost per kW/h and without training fitter criminals. The exercise bikes/treadmills would be vandalized and stolen within milliseconds.
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