Nostalgie de la bouie? Nah just evil...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cuddles, Jan 13, 2006.

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  1. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

    Remember this thread? I had quite forgotten about it until accidentally coming across it this morning. Bernoulli's plan to "re-cycle" mlarring mongs has had me doubled up in the crippled with laughter position for some minutes. If you are having a bad day then cheer yourself up with a trip down evil memory evil lane. Evil!
  2. Feckin Brilliant.. sh*t day at work, Evil but made me laff...
  3. I wish I could laugh at this but when I have a relative living under the same roof as me with the condition of a mentally handicapped-ness... It would be kind of cruel
  4. God bless your boyfriend :D

    **Banjo duels in the background**
  5. And ya Dad!!!
  6. That thread is pure evil, I think I have just sh@t myself laughing.
    It reminds me of a kid I went to secondary school with, he was "Special Needs" and should have gone to a special school but hay ho thats Labour for you! He never, and I mean never blew his nose!
    But I digress, Imagine a whole class of kids all ready to leave history class, "SN" was working on the teachers desk, the whole class looking forward.... then he SNEEEEZZZZEEEDD!!!!!




    I sh!t you not, a foot long just hanging out of his nose.
    He stood there head titled forward as the whole class exploded into laughter. He did not know what to do and the snot just swayed in the wind as people laughed for about 5 minutes as he tried to find a hanky. :lol: He never lived it down :cry: :twisted:

    It's ok to laugh, he was a cvnt.
    Just because I went to the same primary school as him ( thou I did not know him and he was not a friend) the teachers would seat him next to me and ask me to help him all the time. To cut a long story short we did not get on with each other, he would borrow my pens a slobber all over them and hand them back (he knew it p!ssed me off), he smelled and the one thing that really gripped my sh!t was the fact he never blew his fecking nose. EVER!! and he got a way with murder, he had a habit of punching girls in the face and even wrapped a bike chain (with padlock) around one girls head.
  7. Read that thread when I was really new on arrse and laughed myself silly for a couple of hours reading the whole twenty-od pages of it, another favourite that caused many fits of hysterics is RTFQs "Pardon My Erection" thread well worth a look.