I was just wondering if it'd be worthwhile chucking in a "Nostalgia" forum. There are so many and varied generations of British squaddies on ARRSE, that I was thinking it might be a good idea to sort recolletions all into types: i.e. '39-45, National Service, Cold War, Granby, Kos, Boz etc or any number of categories. It might also serve as a valuable source for any future (auto)biographies, documentaries, whatever, just to keep the ideas alive.

Why shouldn't ARRSE be such a source? After all, we were there! And surely it's important to keep the memories alive and available for future generations? If only to document what a total fück-up we made of the situation.

Just a thought.

Fcuk yes, my Grandad always told me to think things through before I opened my gob.

My thought process can often be positively glacial. I just like to get things straight in my head before committing myself.

There's far too many people who just say the first thing which 'pops' into their head.


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Well, that brought back some old memories. Its not like it used to be anymore (sigh)
I remember the days when Irish blokes used to say things like Begob, and Begorrah. Nowadays they are all driving Mercedes cars and fitting those ghastly white plastic windows.
Well, that brought back some old memories. Its not like it used to be anymore (sigh)
Memories just aren't what they used to be.
Nostalgia ain't what it used to be
Take it from someone who knows, Nostalgia only kicks in on realising you have probably got less years left on this mortal coil than you have expended. I reckon I've completely replaced my vinyl collection over the past two years and I spend more and more time on German vintage porn sites than ever, re-living my misspent youth in BAOR!
It is a wonderful thing, but not to be shared with the other half. :smile:
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