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Despite what Gen Jackson has now decided to say, my Regiment was one of the ones he oversaw being amalgamated and then absorbed into the Royal Regiment of Scotland.

Those of you who have been here for a couple of years will mayhaps have read some of my posts asking why is it that we should reduce the infantry by 4 Bns but increase their job.

It happened.

On 26th May 2006 I went to the final parade of The Royal Scots along Princes Street in Edinburgh. It was wet but was probably the cheeriest parade I have ever attended. People with the same connection, who knew each other, knew someone who knew their pal or just a Royal at heart. It was wonderful.

Where has the nostalgia come from? Well today I received the DVD of the parade. The day itself was wonderfully cheerful, but watching that brought a tear (or three) to my eyes, and for me that is not easy. It was the realisation that that was it that struck home. I saw myself and it really struck home that the Regiment had gone, not because I was there but because none would ever be there again in that role. What I mean is I was an ex Royal Scot (and still am) but the Regiment was still alive up until then.

OK this is maudlin and you are all welcome to have a pop at me but that is the way I feel at the moment.

If any ex RS out there want to know where to get a copy - PM me.

Funny felt the same way when my old mob was removed, regardless of the fact it was combined into a new Regiment, maudlin i dont think so.

If your not proud to have been a Royal Scot, Kingsman, Lancer whatever, well shouldnt have stayed

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