NOSTALGIA - It's not what it used to be!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Hellmans, May 30, 2011.

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  1. Whilst in the newsagents with mini MM the other day, in between casting an eye at the top shelf and leching at the till girls tits, I told mini MM to hurry up and choose some sweets. When she could decide I said grab a few packets of cigarettes and let's go.

    Totally bemused and thinking I was trying to give her lung cancer at such a tender age, I had to call them 'Candy Sticks' and get going.

    Anyhow, it got me to thinking about those soft packets of chocolate cigarettes that had the tear off foil top to the packet and individually rizla'd choccy cigs, the ones where you ended up eating half the paper too. Then there was Spanish Gold Tobacco in the cotton drawstring bags.

    You can still get the tobacco but it's called 'Coconut Strands' or some other PC bollix.

    So, what gets you all nostalgic?

    Photos of Raleigh Choppers? The smell of starch? Old comics? OR the young schoolmistress bulging out of her V neck jumper at Parents Evenings?
  2. Raleigh Choppers!!! 70's stuff ... as to comics, I remember The Topper when it first came out!

    Sprog ... you can't be old enough to be nostalgic :)

    As to the other ... soaping the inside of Battle Dress to keep the creases in, shaving the neck of shirts hairy, blancoing belts and gaiters, polishing the brass buttons of No 2 Dress uniform ...
  3. I am but a wee 40 something sprog, is true ..................................old git!
  4. AAGF


    Going into the local fleapit for the Saturday matinee - Flash Gordon etc. with all the other kids (late '50s/very early '60s) to be greeted by a couple of guys handing out packets of 5 ciggies to all the kids - ahhhh<cough> the good old days! When the tobacco companies were allowed to recruit at an early age - we were 12 / 13 FFS.
  5. The king of boys comics, The Eagle. Dan Dare and the Mekon, wonderful stuff. I started buying them when they first came out in 1950 (the year I started work)

    Wish I'd kept them, they would be worth a small fortune now.
  6. How dare you MM ... "Old Git" - I'll have you know I'm in my prime, and to prove it my passing out parade photo:

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  7. Im nowhere near old enough to look at anything nostalgically I don't think, but I will allways enjoy the smell of a 2 stroke bike starting up for the first time in the morning and kicking out a load of smoke.
  8. Ah yes .... when the " centre page spread " meant something different in a bygone age of innocence .... a cutaway picture of a car / aeroplane / tank . I was a great reader of the Wizard , Hotspur , Rover and Adventure ... all of which contained long written stories .... looking back a really good aid to develop reading skills ... and the characters .... Limp along Leslie , Braddock , Alf Tupper .... and then I discovered Spick and Span .
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  9. Big glass jars containing sweets you bought by the quarter, buying four Black Jacks or similar for a penny, and (some years later) real women with natural tits and hairy muffs in jazz mags.
  10. Or when Blackjacks became 1/2p each, taking old sixpences into the shop and getting 5.

    The old biddy that ran our corner shop would sit behind the glass counter which housed cheese and meats, uncovered, smoking her fags with a big feck off ash tip dangling. The ash would regularly fall into the cheese ensemble as she rose to take our small change.....
  11. big perms, purple stocking and suspenders, hairy clouts stood by a town/city sign. Name that grot mag
  12. The "Wolf of Kabul", whose trusty sidekick "Chung" could take out a mob of locals with "Clicky Ba".
    The Victor, front and back cover with stories of VC winners.
    Spending silver thrupenny bits, getting three farthings change from a penny, a pint of bitter for 9d (lager 1/3d) ...
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  13. Escort, or possibly Razzle.
  14. If the sum of the first two digits of your number when added together come to 6 or less, then you are allowed to be nostalgic, if not just sit back and enjoy some really ol' buggers talking about Cow Pie, The Lone Ranger and The Cisco Kid, not forgetting Hoppalong Cassidy, of course.

    MR. DILLON, MR DILLON..some cnut has pinched Champion The Wonder Horse.
  15. When you were thrilled to bits because an aunt had included a postal order for 5 bob in your birthday card.