Nose issue on ESS Profile

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by mouthzhang, Mar 3, 2011.

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  1. Because my nose is not high enough,so there is a gap between my nose and Profile goggle, is that ok or will cause some problem?

    Any idea?
  2. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Yes, you're a ten year old mongoloid with a face beaten flat due to incessant stupid questions.
  3. You have asked 3 things to do with the ESS goggles ask them in the same thread in future. Also you are not going to have an ied go off in frount of you on your computer so not realy going to be a problem.
  4. Yes, you do have a problem- you've wasted your money on pointless crap that you don't actually need in order to do whatever it is you do- el cheapo skiing goggles would have done the job you want them to do for a fraction of the cost, and would not have compromised your 'proffesional(sic.)' image, given that you probably look like a walting twunt whatever you wear with your 'GENUINE SAS/SBS/PARA/MARINES COMBATS V. CHEAP £150' costume. Because that's all it is when you wear it; a (probably un-ironed and incorrectly worn) costume.

    ...and breathe.
  5. Dont say that, but there is a bit gap over there, a little gap.
  6. Oh, i just really love the goggle and want to have one.

  7. Oh, i just really love the goggle and want to have one.
  8. well just buy some and stop bothering normal people.
  9. If you like them *that* much, then be my guest, I'm simply of the opinion that there are far better things to waste one's money on than ballistic-fecking-goggles. Like beer. And girls. And fun things like that- y'know, like normal people... :roll:

  10. wait you can buy girls? **** me all this money i've spent on combat knifes and duct tape and I could've cutout the middle man, oh how that balaclava makes my face itch when i sweat- funnly I actully do sweat like a rapist
  11. Place goggles on face, mix this up [​IMG]

    apply to gap between goggles and face

    I can sell you a tin of genuine SAS/PARA/MARINE issued P38, a snip and £100 plus postage.
  12. You'll notice I said 'waste money on', though I do realise that this implies that beer is a waste of money, which is clearly wrong, so maybe it wasn't phrased very well... Sorry to disappoint ;)
  13. bastard i was on ebay looking
  14. I have a pair of issue crap goggles, I mean super ally as used by SAS/Paras/Marines Airsoft tosspots yours for sixty quid.
  15. I've got a genuine SAS/PARA/TA bergan with an authentic frayed spot, errm I mean bullet hole what was made by an actual rock on SPTA, no wait, taliban/spetznaz/ninja/underwater-knife-fighter/commando/stormtrooper... but I won't settle for less than 500 beer tokens ;)