Nose Distraction Technique on a 14 year old.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Wonk_Mog, Jan 10, 2011.

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  1. there's various Distraction strikes to the arms and body i've never seen facial ones applied but thats not to say they aren't legit techniques involving the nose eyes and mouth

    I've heard Anecdotal evidence of someone being removed from a vhicle using a combination of arm strikes and twisting of the ear cartilage

    it all works on the concept of pain = compliance
  2. So he was in youth offenders institute, he wasn't doing as instructed by returning to his cell. How does justice Blake think they should have got there?
    "He was on remand on charges of wounding and burglary when he died ".
    "He was described as "a deeply troubled and deeply vulnerable child" who had a history of drug abuse, self-harming and suicide attempts."
    So possibly violent and with a history of playing with his own life.
    Not a great loss.
  3. I assume it's where an individual uses the ridge of their hand between the thumb and forefinger and pushes up under the nose from a headlock position to administer the pain to secure compliance.

    It's 1 less testicle HMP will have to worry about housing.
  4. I wasn't taught such techniques in the prison service or in any psychiatric hospital. The Army restraint and arrest course taught me quite a few techniques that I've used over the years.
  5. I think I did a similar course but I never thought civvie esablishments were allowed to carry pick helves. GUARD COMMANDER
  6. Good riddance to the little twat.
  7. saw his mum on the telly reading the riot act, with the usual tracksuit army behind her, accusing all of killing her "angel" she spoke like a chav and dressed like a chav, hopefully that was the only scrote she popped out
  8. No loss. Next.
  9. 'Nose Distraction Technique' is designed to cause brief but sharp pain by twisting and squeezing the nose.
  10. No fcuking chance. Tracksuits, tabs and scratchcards don't pay for themselves you know. There'll be at least another three, although she may of course have had a different jockey for each one.
  11. In the long run, how much has this country saved?
  12. I feel sorry for the guys who had the grief of having to deal with him, and now have the grief of having the book thrown at them because the kid was off his head. And I feel sorry for us poor bloody taxpayers who will pay for fat cat lawyers crawling all over this for months on end, and probably for a handsome compo payment for the liddle angel's poor wee mummy who will be so distraught that she'll need enough compo to set her up for life. If the silly bitch had ever bothered to look after the child and give him some boundaries, maybe he wouldn't have grown up so disturbed.
  13. Think I know this one...
    Stand behind & slightly to the side of the person being a stroppy sod (this is for when they are sat down & won't move)
    Apply open palm to rear of head.
    Apply other palm so that it covers their mouth - then firmly & with even pressure apply the ridge of your index finger to the underside of their nose, pushing up & backwards into the other hand.
    They WILL stand up! (I learnt it off a US airforce copper - my (now ex) missus wanted some tips on self defence, so spent the next hour or so causing her alot of very gently applied pain - so wrong but so right...)