Nose bleeding, Headaches in the warm weather

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by doctrine, Jul 2, 2006.

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  1. My nose have been bleeding on the left side and I have been having headaches is it just because the weather as been to warm
    Please can you give some advice?
  2. NHS Direct

    Because they just might give a damn.
  3. Nasal menstruation: an extremely rare complaint, often accompanied by verbal diaorrhea.

    See your doctor immediately, or stuff a couple of Tampax up your nose.

    Edited to add:

    Just checked, it can also lead to full body inversion, in which case you'll be talking out of your arrse.
  4. Have you been posting on the internet perhaps? Talking to someone? Breathing?

    The symptoms are those of someone using an olde English treatment for "pentwhine", the 4x2 dog of wood.
  5. Just see if your "Guy" can borrow a hanky off his wife.

    Adulterous Trollope
  6. I believe this is one of the first signs of HIV. Although im no expert
  7. Hummm sounds like symptoms of drug abuse…

    Is your septum hanging on by a thread?
    Do you think you could successfully audition for a part on Eastenders?
    Do you have limited intelligence and a personality that everyone loves to hate?

    If so them put the blow down and tell someone who cares.

    p.s. I hope that whatever is wrong with you is fatal
  8. Get your blood pressure checked out.
  9. Thanks but it normally goes back to normal after venting at that loony :wink:
  10. When i read this post, i couldn't believe how harsh you all were. Then i checked who posted first. DOCTRINE!

    Go die.

  11. From the symptoms you describe, it is obvious you have face cancer.

    Wishful thinking. Where do we send the 'Get well soon' cards? The usual address?
  12. Go see a doctor and have your blood pressure checked. Its porobably nothing serious, it happens to a lot of people. Treatment may be cauterization.

    If you stop picking your nose it helps.....
  13. Last time she claimed to have cancer it turned out she was walting, she’s probably just making up sympathy stories again :roll:

    There’s always the chance she’s had her head kicked in and is suffering from internal bleeding.
    If not then we could always arrange it :D
  14. I'm sorry, what has Doctrine done that is so bad?

    Has (s)he "out to lunch" so to speak?
  15. Comments like this are a good thing. It means that she is having less and less of an impact. On the flipside however, it makes Goku look mental.