Norwich North by election

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Jul 19, 2009.

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  1. My what a strange affair

    Labour candidate forgot to tell party officials that he was a member of the Conservative Party when a student.

    Green Party candidate was at university with one Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson

    Liberal Democrat candidate has a slight handicap: lives in a country farmhouse with a moat.

    But best of all, the latest Labour election flyer: :lol:
  2. And no mention of "the magnificant leader", and how well the country is doing, in any new liebour literature. What a suprise, damage limitation?
  3. Are you still eligible to vote if you married your own sister and have webbed fingers or an extra thumb?

  4. Behave, remember MDN is a person non grata here nowadays.
  5. On the subject of damage limitation, I note that the election's being held on the day that the House rises for summer recess. You'd almost think that Dear Leader was expecting to lose, and was hoping that everyone would have forgotten about it by October. :roll:
  6. Fecking hope so, or thats me Knac.kered
  7. Indeed, but he is so honest (everyone else is to blame) that that would never cross anyones mind, take yourself off to the local re-education centre.
  8. Well, it's got to be better than Abbey Wood!
  9. Remember to use public transport though.
  10. You didn't mention the dipstick the Tories have put up. What sort of creature is he/she?
  11. Well good to see Labour concentrating on the things that matter.

    The fact that more foxes are killed by poisoning, trapping and shooting than were ever killed before the class-war-inspired hunting ban is apparently irrelevant. Perhaps the Conservatives should put up a matching one that says "Repeal the ban and fewer foxes will 'get it'".

    Having said that, is the welfare of foxes the key issue for New Labour at the moment? They have f*cked the economy, stolen our liberty and seriously under-funded the armed forces, but it is the ickle fwuffy foxes that should make the good people of Norwich North vote Labour.

    I wish we could hunt Labour politicians with hounds.
  12. A ladyboy ?
  13. Big hands and visible Adams apple.
  14. As i am in this area, i get all the flyers through me door, but the one i had most fun with is the BNP one.

    An ex squaddie who is now a reverend is my local bnp candidate!