Norweigian Marines

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by yossarian, Nov 30, 2005.

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  1. My friend has devoloped something of a relationship with a Norweigian bird, only snag is she has a boyfriend who apparently thinks hes the dogs baubles. He did his compulsory military service with the Norweigian marines and I was just wondering if my suspicion that like the american marines they are a bit pants is correct. If this assertion is true I will of course help my mate give him a damn good kicking, if on the other hand they are anything like the royal marines I will stay several tactical bounds from the battle...preferably from somewhere across the north sea. Out of general interest, is Britain peculiar in that its marines are of such a superior standard when compared with bog standard units? Is this some result of our long and glorious maritime history? Any comments gratefully received. Im off now to fight naked with roll mats on my arms...
  2. The USMC are pretty good whoever told you they were crap has not worked with them . Not as good as ours of course . The Norgys are good as well
  3. norgy Marines are of a roughly similar standard to our own dear booties. The two train together regularly so the Norgy's have got to keep their act together for national/unit pride etc. The main difference is that TCB gives the Green Death more opportunity to play with live targets and the weather in Norway makes naked rollmat fighting a very hard man's sport (to the point of rigor mortis).
  4. Yossarian. The Corps has high physical standards and we attract a recruit with high educational attainment ('A' Levels are the norm, degrees are not unusual in the ranks), and we have a slightly different role and profile to Inf Bns, but we are not necessarily better. I have worked with Armd Inf Bns/Lt Inf Bns who are awesome. The Paras? Wouldn't want to go to war with anyone else. The gap is not as big as you think. What the Corps does get is loads of operational experience and regular exposure at Bde level to complex environments like the Jungle, Arctic and Mountains. We are also inherently more 'joint' and expeditionary than an Army Inf Bn. This makes us jack of all trades and masters of none. Compare that to an in-role Armd Inf Bn that has been doing the same job for 6 years and you can see why the gap between the organisations is so narrow.

    Norwegian Marines? Please...

    USMC? No other military in the world synchronizes firepower and manoeuvre as well as the USMC, they are awesome. Man for man the Corps is better. Put 3 Cdo Bde up against a Marine Expeditionary Bde and the Corps wouldn't get within small arms range before we were all dead!
  5. Thankyou for the informed replies thus far, due to the multitude of biased and cliched opinions I have been exposed to over the years it is not easy to form fair comparisons of various corps. Without actually having served with many of these units my ignorance is sigificant. As it seems apparent that norweigian marines are not unformidable, I think it best that I explore the possibility that this guy is a Walt. If he's geniune I had better polish up my bare testicle roll matt fighting skills.
  6. Is your friend in some way disabled, and unable to face up to his rival, or is he a total jessy? :roll:

    He's making a move on someone elses woman, thats fair enough, but this bloke is perfectly within his rights to give your mate a good slap and you should not be getting involved.

    Personally, I hope he gets a good shoeing, thats the price you pay for stealing another blokes bird, and yes, I speak from experience of being in both positions.

    Size 12 Lundhag in the swede, thank you very much Karl. :wink:
  7. Speaking as an overweight ex-crap-hat whos worked with STAs from Marine Expeditionary Bde , they're w@nk.

    Our booties are far better but undermanned and underfunded as per UK m/o....
  8. Yeah, fair point. The situation is somewhat less advanced than perhaps I had implied. At this stage a friendship has developed that I am not even sure my friend would act on. I was however intrigued by the the boyfriends claim to have done his stint of national service as a Norweigian marine. I think he is a bit pissed off because we are going on a trip to Norway and my friend and his bird are going to meet up. Like you say the guy will be well within his rights, however my friend is both a nice guy and a jessy so I might need to help out.
  9. If faced with angry Norwegian Royal, then immediately remove cap from bottle of Johnny Walker Red, proffer bottle to Sven and take cover. Remove empty bottle from his hands as he collapses and to prevent any unpleasantness when he comes around. Repeat dose as necessary.
  10. moving-target-survivor

    um dude, the royal marines and the USMC have very different roles.....thus it's apples and oranges.

    and of course the US marines are ****, just like to an outsider physician American physicians are **** with thier medical school and certifications not nearly as rigorous or fact you could make that same comparison for just about anything American=**** military medicine engineering hey what ever they want
  11. Recently did some volunteering in Ecuador and there was an ex Norge bootie type there, who had done his conscription and gone to uni - but I think he mentioned the "Coastal rangers". They did Marine type things though by what he said, although I'm not 100% that he wasnt a walting - or at least real exagerrating - bastard. I mean the guys a teetotal (no boozy partying!) physics masters graduate, I don't know how that relates to being a bootie!! And a smug condescending one to boot...

    As for Ecuadorian Marines, I wouldnt want to take them on! O sure we'd obliterate them in war, we'd probably cut them to pieces with our weaponry but fighting man to man those guys live hard, they have hard work and are brought up very spartan and warriorlike, plus Ecuadorian initiations are probably several million times worse than rollmat fighting! Not in the slightest relevant but thought I\d mention it for interests sake.

    By the way does anyone know how hard the Danes are meant to be? Very much not advanced similar to your situ, but still nothing wrong with a bit of int/recce, would hate to find myself bleeding on the streets of Copenhagen in a month or two!

  12. Thought it was the dutch Marines the booty did most of their cross-training with?
  13. Aye, the UK - NL landing force, no?

    Apparently we liked their new Rotterdam class assault ship so much we started buying them ourselves as the Bay class LSDAs...
  14. No, that's cross-dressing, silly.
  15. To start with anybody's conscripts are not going to be as good as Royal or even UK Foot Inf. Their role is likely to be limited because of the training time limitations. The depth of knowledge and training of our professional forces is not sustainable in a conscript Army. Hense the main reason we should fight against stupid suggestion on the return of conscription.

    Yes the Dutch are part of the UK/NL Landing Force but their ability is no where near as good. I served with 3 Cdo Bde and on a number of ex it was quite clear that the NL Marine Bn were not capable of the same physical operations as Royal.

    Also worked with the USMC who beat us hands down with equipment and firepower however we regain somewhat of a balance with a higher level of personal and team training (a force multiplier as the spams say). One of the earlier posters was right though. Our deployments and employment of Royal is quite different than the USMC who are still into landing on opposed beaches.