Norweigan Army Video

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Styron, Oct 12, 2005.

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  1. Blatant rip-off of Amarillo.
  2. True but at least they made it a good one. Seen it before but still made me smile watching it again. The ending is really good and at least it's better than the one our Navy friends did. Some of those Norwegian soldiers are so 'boy band' it's scary.
  3. ...might be a rip off,..but its very good!

    Obviously have too much time on their hands. Think that the production was tip top...

    Well done Vikings!
  4. I think this was out before 'Armadillo' so not a 'rip-off' blatant or not.

    Edited to remove a typo :oops:
  5. Looks like a lot of manlove going on. Alas I can't turn the sound up due to work constraints. What the hell are they singing?
  6. Manlove??? Fcuk me you wanna get your eyes tested
  7. Watch it without sound, as I am forced to, and it looks gay as hell.

    The question stands; what are they singing so I can put it to the correct context.
  8. I thought it was bestiality not gay allthough it could be a man donkey so it would count on both counts
  9. My bad. I meant the Norweigan bods mooching through Kosovo, not the goat or what ever it was!
  10. Kosovo song is that beach boys one from "Cocktail" , Kokomo ISTR
  11. Is it me, or would those guys not look out of place in a bar with rainbow decor...

    Maybe they should have done a take on YMCA?!

    (BTW, i'm not knocking it - it's a top vid!)
  12. great vid but still very gay
  13. just a heads up - that vid def came out before the 'armadillo' vid. so its not a copy or cheap rip-off. however, can't beat the armadillo vid