Norwegian troops headed for southern Afghanistan

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OSLO -- Norway's defence ministry said on Wednesday it would allow some of its soldiers stationed in Afghanistan to go to the south of the country where battles against the Taliban and al-Qaeda have been the toughest and Canada has been pleading for more allied help.

Norway has about 500 troops in Afghanistan as part of the NATO mission there and has for months resisted pressure from its allies to send its soldiers to the volatile south.

But a group of 50 soldiers, to be sent to the war-torn state in October to help train the Afghan army, will be able to accompany Afghan troops into southern Afghanistan.

"This means that they can be sent throughout all of Afghanistan," ministry spokeswoman Solveig Dagfinrud said, when asked if troops would go into south Afghanistan.

"The government believes it is important to give ownership to the Afghan people, and the training of the Afghan army is one of such measures," Dagfinrud said.

Norwegian soldiers have so far been based in the north of the country, where the situation is less volatile.

Norway also contributed about 500 million crowns ($95.84 million) in development aid in 2007, and said it would raise civilian aid to 750 million crowns this year.
Yeah, saw that. Fifty Scandies might just tip the balance our way... or maybe not.
Do they have an heli's or fast air with them?
Well done him!
Nice one! 50 tea urns is better than none, hopefully others might send more too.

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