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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by tomahawk6, Jun 22, 2005.

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  1. A bit bad taste really. The blown out bus is the Nice (pronounced niece) bus, a load of Serbians were killed on it. Bloody Telemark Bn!!
  2. any one now where i can get the origainl lyrics
    (not the beach boys lyrics but the 'orginal' US army/marine lyrics)
  3. Does anyone know did those guys get reprimanded for the video? It was funny (but also in bad taste).
    Although apparently it is a hit with all nationalities serving in KFOR!!
  4. As someone who did 3 Op tours in the Balkans (including 2 in Kosovo)............ I say GOOD ONYA FELLAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The camera work, lyrics and musical ability is a tad better than Armadillo. Trust the Norwegians to take someone elses idea and do it better.

    I did a few jobs with the 'Fish Heads' whilst out there, good bunch of guys. Especially good seafood bar and particularly 'bad-ass' Riot Dogs as I remember (AL?)

    Oh, and Funky New Blood............. I think you'll find the place is called NIS. Strangely enough............. it's pronounced 'NIS' as in "taking the .....".

  5. @ felixthefox: Are you looking for these lyrics ?
  6. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Nis Express. Nis being a town in Serbia. 16 Feb 2001. 11 Serbs killed by a highly skilled CWIED attack, the like of which had never been seen before in Kosovo, shortly after crossing into Kosovo. A number of suspects arrested by Brits later that year. After being transferred to 'more secure' confinement with the US Army in Camp Bondsteel, the main suspect mysteriously 'escaped' and is still OTR. The case against the others collapsed.

    The world (and our US friends) moves in strange ways.

    "Go figure" as they say on that side of the pond.
  7. The soldiers who made the video were obliged to apologise for it, KFOR being quite sensitive about not being seen to be biased, not helped by the Noggies calling themselves 'Shiptare Boys' in their opening credits.

    And bombdoc, you're correct it's spelt Nis, but you've missed off the little slavic hat from the 's', hence Niš,
    which together with the phonetic 'i' means it's pronounced Neesh rather than Niss.

    Funny old thing that chimera isn't it, and our US allies seem to have been slow in assisting with Ops that looked likely to bring old Ejupi back in to custody. Evidently the training he recieved from the Christians back 'para luftës' was extremely good, given that he managed to get out of the BDC and across the camp (955 acres), over the double wire under the noses of guard towers which all have overlapping arcs and off into the countryside without being spotted or challenged once (in a camp of around 7000 troops), all whilst wearing an orange jump suit. Then again maybe our American cousins just didn't realise they had him in custody, afterall they actually started dismantling the BDC whilst we still had detainees held there back in 2002
  8. so and niece dont sound similar? Cheers....... Wuckfit..........Spelt F.u.c.k.w.i.t...........
  9. You could go on the pish and then try saying neice, that would sound about right
  10. "so and niece dont sound similar?"

    ergh....... No? Not from the part of England I come from, the part that actually speaks English.

    Does London sound like Brighton? No? Well there you go........ :D
  11. Think this was done before the Amarillo vid. made last year or something.

    It was in the local press up here as some of them were local boys. The serbs dripped about it, the Norgie army appologised as did the lads. iirc it was made for their end of tour piss up or something and (naturally) it was copied, passed from one mate to another until someone put it up on the internet and then....