Norwegian Army Gear

I am looking for a genuine current issue Norwegian Army combat jacket.

Having searched the intertubes - even to the extent of translating pages of norse search results without success, I am wondering if the esteemed arrsers know anywhere I might get my filthy mitts on one of these fine garments.


Try, this is an army surplus store in Spalding near peterborough, hes got a great range of stock, not sure if hes got norwegian gear in but he'll definatly order it in for you if he can find it.
brighton hippy said:
its extremely expensive stuff and not much is available outside of norway
Not exactly easily available within Norway either.

Ive got a webshop bookmarked on my works computer. Ill post it up tomorrow.

ah. i must admit this is the kind of response that i feared would happen. if google shows nothing, that is usually a very bad sign, nonetheless i shall persevere!

shame it's not as readily available as british dpm clobber, a mate of mine bought a brand-spanking new kevlar lid, replete with nice rubber rim and immaculate scrim net for £15 just last week!

clearly our norsk chums are altogether more reticent to hawk their premium quality gear on flea-bay.

actually, while i'm on the subject, it is becoming apparent that if the MOD had spent a bit of dough on first class gear for our boys and girls (like the norwegians) perhaps less of it would end up in the public domain!
What exactly are you after?

The jumpers were dead ally way back when, as were the shirts before we got them issued.

Have they got other worthwhile gear, apart from their containers?
they were using the stuff on unbroken looked very good goretex stuff and softie jackets thought might be worth looking at if cheap its not :x
I didn't start the thread just found it strangely blank like my mind :D
What kind of jacket is it specificly? ive had a word with a friend that owns a surplus store but unless he knows exactly what your after he cant look through his supliers. pm me instead of posting on here because your posts keep dissapearing. :?
I had some sets of Norgie NBC kit. Quality jacket, wore it down town until some "sk8er dude" offered me £50 for it. Great considering it cost me fek all due to the Norgie blokes not wanting to take it home again after a CBRN course.
thegimp said:
Infidel is this just a sneaky back to front spam using unwary arrse members to pimp your trade
Nope, im a tyre fitter, its my mates shop and hes just opened up so i told him that if i heard anyone asking about army gear id send em his way. theres an link to his site in the classified adds.

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