Norwegian army diamond shaped roof thing?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Bollock-chops, Dec 9, 2009.

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  1. About 2m wide, 3m long diamond shaped canvas roof thing, with buttons along two sides for the purpose of joining to others, a snow hole roof.

    What was it called?

    Was it norge kit, or am I thingy?

    impossible to remove from each other once joined, slept under and frozen together.
  2. tent sheet, not just noggie...specifically designed to soak up frost/ice/water and weigh a ton, bloody awful button system designed not to work at any temperature therefore resulting in section sprog carrying most of it despite complete inability to move on skis...great piece of kit
  3. A piece of crap might be the best answer, not exactly one of the Armys finest ideas.
  4. I had flashbacks when I read PRT mention carrying 140lbs, I seem to remember carrying the diamonds and the cam net on one occasion, I thought, that'll be a good workout.
  5. workout? yes...good? no
    Beauty of the damn thing was it was only realistic to break it in two parts for a section, didnt matter whether you got the 3 or 4 or even the camnet, it would barely fit under the flap of a bergan (or frame carrier if you were really new) and led to endless face-planting. Only enhanced by being given the gun as well just for a special treat.
    Last seen in service around 1990 give or take a mooses milk or two
  6. You know how much I hate to agree with anything you say? In this instance, you are spot on.

    <fx books counselling>
  7. Hours of fun carrying them uphill and down dale. The 5-man tentsheet was the best as it was hardly worth splitting it so you got the full effect!!

  8. It was originally a German idea, the zeltbahn.
  9. 8O No emotives available for falling off a chair i think :D
  10. Didn't know that. Ta.
  11. Yes, it was a Norgie bit of kit as was quite a bit of M & AW stores (skis, pulk, norgie shirts etc.)

    The German zeltbahn though was triangular and lighter.

    Any of you remember the big round norgie 16 man tents with wood stove and chimney as the center pole? They were also of German origin.

    In fact the Norgies made widespread use of ex-Wehrmacht kit postwar. Although almost all gone by now, the odd eagle and swas stamped item can still be found on stores shelves.
  12. Aaaah! Whiteshod training, WD 86 AWT. Oh how I chuckled to myself as the ski-biffs were monging it all over Dombas plateau. Yeah, you should have all been learning to ski like me in 4 Div, he he he.

    "Oi, Blunts, you can ski, you've got the tent-sheet, the 320 and when you're not on the pulk you can trail-break!" B*stard.
  13. We took a sprog to lillehammer and went down a fierce route, I cannot remember what grade it was, but it was steep and icy, anything less than a parallel stop and you are not going to stop, we all paralleled for about 100 yards, sprog hit the catchfence doing around 40mph doing the British Army's finest snowplough stop.

    The locals waiting at the lift applauded us when they realised he hadnt died.
  14. Good friend of mine took the emergency stop option instead of crashing into the Dombas ski-lift queue, unfortunately, inside the snowbank was a several fence-posts and connecting strands of wire.

    We felt dreadful the next day (for being unable to help, for laughing), but not as bad as Jarra.
  15. I cant remember Dombas, the main ski resort was Garsdale or somthing sounding similar, near Lillehammer.