Norwegian Airforce Heads North

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by SKJOLD, Dec 12, 2007.

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  1. Today I saw (at 1330ish)....
    A group of Norwegian Airforce Planes flying NE, low and fast out of Bergen.
    Ordinarily I would not be worried but..
    a. They were in a big fecking hurry.
    b. They were so low that you could see the armaments/missles underneath.
    c. There were 10 of them. 8O
    d. They were heading North East.

    If WWIII kicks of, then I have a ring side seat. Bugger. :x

  2. Santa's fucked.
  3. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    It'll all be over by christmas :D
  4. At least you'll be warm :D
  5. Think of the money you'll save on your heating bill.
  6. They're having a Viking flashback! They are off for some raping and pillaging. But using aircraft instead of Longships! :twisted:
  7. most likley another Russian "Bear" wandering too close to the airspace, a lot of that been going on recently.
  8. I'm gonna go out on a limb here.

    July 20th

    August 17th


    Perhaps it was more pesky Russian bombers flying about trying to show us how big Putins johnson is.
  9. a lot of russian planes flying about according to the tv,so they went to show force,norway has sent a complaint to putin.
  10. Given the cutbacks in the Royal Norwegian Air Force over the last decade or so,I would say you saw a vast proportion of their active fighters in one go.

    Perhaps using their monthly flying allocation upin one go,so they can all go home for Christmas early.
  11. Duxfjord Air Show?

    I'll get my coat!!! :oops:
  12. Hi Skjold!

    Actually, there were eight of them, and they flew in a star-formation all over Norway (Ørland-Bodø-Oslo-Rygge-Skien-Bergen).

    338. SQNs annual Christmas salute to the kingdom, been done since the fifties.

    And yes, sadly, it was a large part of RNoAFs operational fighters.

    Merry Christmas from a mod at Arrses smaller Norwegian cousin.
  13. Boo, you spoilt it.
  14. Spoil Sport, Id just bought popcorn aswell. :D

  15. Sorry about that!
    Lots of other "friendly" show of forces going on to worry about..

    This picture was taken by a norwegian offshore worker yesterday.. Admiral Kuznetsov complete with support group suddenly turned up in the middle of the rigs outside Bergen, complete with overhead cover, leading to all helo-flights being cancelled/returned until they left the area, the pilots at one time claiming to have fighters "below their helicopter".

    Protests have been delivered.

    That a huge oil spill during transfer from rig to tanker accidentally happened a bit later in the day was purely coincidence....

    /tinfoil-hat off.