Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by bluebirdinwales, Sep 7, 2008.

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  1. I'm looking for help from anyone who did the artic training with 249 Sigs in the late eighties.

    I have forgotten the name of the village and the hotel in southern Norway that we were based in when we did the survival and warfare courses.

    Any one out there who remembers?

  2. Voss? That seems to ring a bell.

    Buggered if I can remember the name of the hotel though.
  3. Ulvik was the village 249 stayed in the mid 80s (at the tip of the Hardanger Fiord)

    Voss was RnR for some downhill skiing and getting lashed in 'The Stallon'
  4. Ulvik was being used by the Sqn in the late 70's. Seem to remember a location called Flatslamo (or similar) as well.
  5. It was definately Ulvik. I did 86 - 89 there. Hogg is correct, the town was right at the top of the Hardanger Fjord and the hotel we used was the Brakanes Hotel which was much better than the scummy Ulvik Hotel where we used to go to show off our dancing skills to the local talent. The RCT used a hotel on the other side of town but I can't remember the name of that one.
  6. i dont remember the name of the town we were staying but i do remember trips into winje (pron. vingey) for those nice hot dogs! :D
    I think the other towns involved were.. badufoss and trondheim, i could be wrong though.. it was a long time ago :(
  7. Bardufoss is where we used to go up north for the proper AMF(L) exercise after the training in Ulvik in the south. HQ used to set up in the quarry outside Bardufoss itself.
  8. I was with 249 mar 90 til aug 93.
    ULVIC was the village and indeed the Hotel was Brakanes Hotel.

    some cool times spent there indeed.

    circa 1992 the squadron did infact have the use of a hotel which had the main in a large building and a minoity (say 1/4 ) housed or accommodated in four man chalets / lodgdes. Ski slope directly across the road. I remember that the RCT lost several guys in a haglund whilst travelling thru the long tunnel which started the ulvic side at the ferry jetty.
    snake pass was the winding road on the way to VOSS.
  9. Bardufoss was the airfield up north. In Voss, the hotels in Voss were the Jarl (leary beery one with lots of fit Norge birds ;-) ) and Fleischers (posh one).
  10. My first Norway with 249 was spent at Hagatun Camping which consisted of little chalets housing four of us a piece, two in the beds and two on the bench seats in the living room. Scoff was a 1km walk to some hall. This would have been 1981.

    Most of our other tours in subsequent years were spent at the Stalheim Hotel.

    We did (my) last one at another hotel but I'm buggered if I can remember the name of it.