Norway extends mandatory military service to women

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fantassin, Jun 15, 2013.

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  1. Norway has voted to extend mandatory military conscription to all citizens, regardless of gender, the first peacetime European or NATO country to do so. Women will now likely face one year of military service as of 2015.
    Norway's parliament overwhelmingly backed a resolution on Friday, which urges the government to push ahead with legislation on gender neutral conscription.

    "Rights and duties should be the same for all," said Labour lawmaker Laila Gustavsen, a supporter of the bill. "The armed forces need access to the best resources, regardless of gender, and right now mostly men are recruited."

    The resolution, put forward by Norway's center-left government, was met only with opposition from the small Christian Democrat party, meaning it will more than likely win legislative approval.

    If adopted into law, women would likely be drafted for one year of service with the Norwegian military as of 2015. As with male conscripts, the change is not expected to force women to serve against their will, but simply improve gender balance.
    Despite practicing conscription, Norway does not draft all eligible citizens and has provisions in place for conscientious objectors. Currently 8,000 to 10,000 Norwegian males aged between 19 and 44 are conscripted every year in Norway. They are chosen from an eligible pool of some 60,000 and are selected on the basis of physical and physiological tests, as well as their motivation.

    "In practice, no one will serve in the military unless they are motivated," Gustavsen said.
    Women have been eligible to serve in the military on a volunteer basis since 1976 and currently constitute 10 percent of military conscripts. The Defense Ministry had previously said it aimed to double that by 2020.

    more at:

    Norway extends mandatory military service to women | News | DW.DE | 14.06.2013

    Make sense to me if you are serious about gender equality but norwegian women don't seem to be over enthusiastic at the project...

    Norwegian women opposed to gender-neutral military service
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  2. It's only fair and equal.
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  3. I await the feminists complaining that women are being forced to do a mans job.
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  4. Harriet Harperson complained the other day that less than 50% of all top execs, senior politicians etc were women, funny she also failed to mention the lack of female bin persons, sewage workers or slaughterhouse persons'd think she only wanted the 'nice' jobs to be equally spread across the genders
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  5. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    This is dreadful news:

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  6. Call me a male chauvinist pig but this also was the first thought which crossed my mind when I saw that headline !

  7. Bearing in mind that there are more women than men in UK (26.8million vs 22.9million) - I'm fecking outraged.

    I think.
  8. Thank you, we need more outrage
  9. Tuzla was a favourite stop off when NORDBAT were in residence. For reasons that entirely escape me, obviously, what with being married to an IT security expert.
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  10. Bet the Chinese Women are lethal? They were in the Bond movies.
  11. Norwegian conscription is not as compulsory as it first may seem. Cowardice aside, if a person is undertaking educational studies, employed in a high priority job or very simply doesn't get his/her name pulled out of the hat. Then they may skip military service altogether.

  12. About 2 years ago, the Brit(?) Head of an English language school in Shanghai was beaten into intensive care by a group of thugs who ambushed him as he was leaving work. Entirely by coincidence, this happened round about the time his Chinese wife had found out about the affair he'd been having with one of his staff.

    Apropos of nothing, of course.
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  13. Sounds like the prick deserved it on the basis of your post.

    Well done her !
  14. How does anyone get beaten up by Chinese types, they're about 3 foot tall.

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