Been spammed to visit a Customer in Bergen on Wednesday, next week.

Need a quick nightlife guide!

Thanks in advance.

Or you could go to "Day Sacks"!

You could do a lot worse than the bar at the top end of Valkendorfsgarten (if you look on Google Earth, you can make out the green awning which covers the extensive smokers area. Bergen is a university town, and this is a popular haunt with the students. Hope you like loud music. Alternatively (or afterwards) there is a half-decent nightclub virtually underneath. Take plenty of money, buy a troll, and take a trip up the Floibanen (funicular). There is also a good Irish pub on the road leading to the Floibanen, for daytime drinking.


Bloody expensive, I have a mucker in Bergen and when he asked us to visit he recommended driving and Ferry and filling up with booze before leaving the UK.
We're only there for the night, staying at the Comfort Hotel, on expenses so dosh not an issue!!! Need the strip bar though!!!

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