Norway also has the A2 ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by old_bloke, Feb 28, 2006.

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  1. No wonder he looks bloody miserable.
  2. Its not his a TA unit left it on the area after there last annual camp.
  3. Norway? Yeah, right! They also do sh1t loads of training in the Norwegian jungle.

    Norwegian soldier on JWIC is my guess.

    But standing by to be proved wrong...
  4. Norweigen on exchange program with british unit? Would explain the hexi, mess tins and general miserableness (and propping the weapon against a tree *hops about screaming and foaming at the mouth*)
  5. The more pertinent question is, why is he wearing two watches?
  6. One with Norway time and one with British time to remind him of home land, fjords, porn stars, paper clips...
  7. Either, its a wrist compass, or he's taking the old fashioned "belt and braces" approach.
  8. no, no, no people, the poor sod is eating british rations (note the unedible scottish choc), and unless i'm very much mistaken, i've curled one out by that tree before. how sad. this wee sod puts in for part exchange and gets the u.k. serves him right really.
  9. Somehow, I doubt he's in the UK, unless its the palm house at Kew.
  10. Maybe it's a Walt Swede on holiday in Cyprus who knows a couple of Brits at Episkopi and borrowed some kit to do a bit of walking in the bondoo.
  11. Wouldn't a walt Swede be in Swedish kit?
  12. Could it not be that he is a brit playing "baddie" on an excercise and they said put this crap uniform on?

  13. What, with matching bergan and beltkit?

    Or was that a wah?
  14. Looks like a PLCE aftermarket jobbie to me.