Norton software from BT help

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by keeffy, May 13, 2007.

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  1. I recently got total broadband from BT and downloaded their protection software from Norton and its Shite i have had so many problems its unbelievable. I believe its the Norton software causing all the shite. However i cannot uninstall it at all there just does not seem to be an uninstall facility at all.
    Can anyone help???
  2. Keefy,

    Totally agree with you about Norton, my daughter had the same problem a few months back. I could not uninstall but there a facility in there somewhere to switch it off. Go in to your start up programs and unselect it from the start up programme. It may help, not saying that was the best solution but it worked for me.

    Seems Norton just slows everything down on you and is a complete pain in the arrse!
  3. Go to RUN/MSCONFIG/STARTUP... find the NAV sh1te... untick the box to stop it running at startup
  4. My mates boyfriend uninstalled my Norton last night via remote assistance

    and he did it via a Norton website which actually uninstalled it, this bloke

    says Norton is useless, takes up memory it doesnt need and there is much

    better available for free, he put kaspersky or something on mine, its from

    AOL and apparantly does a much better job than the Norton and takes up

    virtually no memory space. Hope thats helpful!
  5. AVG and Zone alarm best way to go. And the best bit is there both free.
  6. Seconded Hypno, i have seen many, many systems run at little more than a snail's pace because they are using either pre-bundled or Salesman induced Anti-viral software.

    Personally i use AVG, which doesnt hog the system, runs unobtrusivley and without a hitch.

    Unfortunatly, i can't get commission from the sale of a free software package!
  7. msr

    msr LE

  8. Word of warning: If you do make the right decision and bin NIS then remove it using the recommended official method, any other dirty 'shortcuts' will cause grief later on down the line with either your OS or other Symantec products. The reason is that Norton modifies the windows kernel.
    "Do it nice or do it twice..."

    But yeah, its over-zealous resource-hogging shiite. :D
  9. I have just returned back from germany and opted for the BT Broadband with the HUb Phone. and like a mug I downloaded the Norton as my AVG would not update has anyone else had similar problems or it may just be my system?? I had no problems in germany using AVG get back here to UK go with BT cant connect to AVG site for updates. Typical any ideas would be made welcome as Im not a fan of Norton and would rather uninstall and put back on AVG.
  10. AVG updates can be downloaded either through the AVG GUI or manually from the AVG website. If you can access the WWW then you can get the updates. It's just a signatures.def file 'bout 1024k in size so shouldn't be a drama. Bin Norton it's a crap placebo, I've seen some rooted 'puters, all running updated Norton security software. It's just a choice of placebo colour: Yellow or Green/red/black? Take your pick... :?: