Norton House (Op Nimby) xmas fairies needed

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by bigbird67, Nov 15, 2010.

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  1. The facebook page for Norton House mentioned they were thinking of having a bit of an event to get the house decked out for Xmas (check out their fb page Welcome to Facebook )

    As I can't get there i asked if i could send a donation of decorations, which has now snowballed a wee bit :nod:

    What we'd like if possible is for as many people as possible to send just ONE decoration (obviously more if you wish but we wanted to keep it easily affordable in these tough times) to

    SSAFA Norton House - Headley
    36 Grays Lane
    KT21 1BU

    That way, if enough folk join in, they'll be able to make it like Santa's Grotto for those families and injured personnel who will be there over and around Xmas.

    So crack on....
  2. Cash might be a better idea? By the time the GPO have finished kicking the tinsel about there might not be much left
  3. Owt is better than nowt! Even the GPO can't knacker EVERYTHING if it's jiffy bagged :D

    The idea behind the decs was that even people who really can't spare a tenner this close to Xmas could get a 25p decoration from Wilkos or Tesco and send it for a few pence so the contribution would be under £1.50 ish, thereby encouraging skint people (like me) to get behind it!
  4. Is this donation going to be for Norton House in Selly Oak , Birmingham too?
  5. I believe so yes, we're hoping there will be WAY to many for one house! If you look on their fb page they are thinking of having a bit of a doo for those who can get there to help put decs up

    This came from a specific post on Headley's fb page, but have contacted Selly to see if they wish to have stuff sent. Will then add their address to the fb post and emails!
  6. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Will do this week ... we have a skipload of stuff in the attic we don't use any more. ;-)
  7. :D x thank you
  8. @ The Kurgen

    I spoke to one of the outreach workers at the Selly Oak house 2 minutes ago.....whilst they agree it's a really lovely idea, they feel that the house's proximity to the hospital makes Christmas a sensitive issue, as not all families staying there will be in a position to celebrate. The Headley house is, in effect, the next stage of the process and is able to make more of an effort with the festivities if that makes sense?

    They tend to ask the families who are going to be there over Christmas what they wish to do.

    We decided to leave all the goodies going to Headley on the grounds that if Selly decide they are going to decorate, they know there will be a stock of things that can be proffed at short notice to get the job done.

    I hope that makes sense, feel free to pm me
  9. I'm not sitting on a tree but will sort something thanks for posting this
  10. Cheers for the heads up BB, will send something to Greys Lane
  11. Stuff en route

    been cheeky and stole your post biggy to put on my Fb page:)
  12. great idea padders :)
  13. bump? :) :)
  14. Lovely idea - will be able to drop stuff in at some stage at beginning of December as live just up the road - please post what day will be best and I will make the effort to help decorate, baby's arrival dependent!
  15. Do they want a tree ? if so then can prob supply and deliver FOC