norton fu**ing up help

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by finfin, Aug 2, 2007.

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  1. i have norton installed on my computer however about a fortnight ago it fu**ed up telling me there was a problem with my license subscription i tried to sort it out but couldn't so had to re-install it from the disc hence now rendering the disc useless,but now its just done the same thing,i've only had it for 3 months approx so should still have almost 9 months usage on it,is this a common problem with norton and can anyone tell me if there is any other internet protection software i can download (preferably free) someones told me in the past about something called AMG?
    any help would be appreciated
  2. Nortons a B*stard, google AVG and download the free version.
  3. msr

    msr LE

  4. AVG and windows firewall, what more do you need ?

    Been using these for years and never had any problems. At the end of the day the software you use is only ever as good as you are at setting it up. Also, your internet useage habits will seriously impact on the level of risk you have from viruses etc.

    In 10-12 years of owning a PC I can count the number of viruses ive had on 1 hand, only maybe 1 has actually infected my PC others picked up by software.

    Not so sure about this one myself but I know a fair few people that have used neither and had very few indications of virus activity. They think that the better and more expensive protection software you use the more of a target you will be, as you appear to be trying to hide / protect something precious :wink:
  5. I have been a Norton User for many years, but sad to admit that the once king of Antivirus is no more and systems and resource problems have blighted it over recent years. This months PC Pro mag has a review of 13 different packages including some free ones. Norton comes 11th out of the 13 :( Sad to say I will stop using it once my licence expires.

    Incidentally the winner in the Mage was Kaspersky with 98% and costs £28 a Year (Incidentally the percenatge score is based on what percentage of the over 200 malware virus/apps thrown at the test machines were detected and removed). Norton detected only 68% of the viruses. Scary really. Of the free packages tested, Avira Antivir scored 92%, but gets a slagging for the large amount of adverts it throws at you. (AVG scored 83%)

    So in summary, you really do get what you pay for.
  6. Ditto all of the above.

    I used Norton , and it locked me out of my own fecking computer (got a virus imbedded in the actual norton files , which promptly locked themself so they cant be deleted ) and refused to uninstal itself. AVG is far superiour imo , good advice to get it ( its free , and if you dont like it you can bin it).
  7. This has been covered on here before....
  8. Loaded free AGV and a treat. Like others I had Norton and could'nt wait to get rid after a couple of weeks
  9. The bad thing about this link though Tartan is they rate Norton 4th. Their ratings are purely based on looks, ease of use and customer support, but they havent actually rated them on Virus detection Capabilities.

    That said the Top choice of Shield Deluxe (if you read the in depth review) uses the Kaspersky Antivirus engine which got the top 98% detection award in this months PC Pro, so I cant argue with the top choice, just with that particular sites ratings mechanism
  10. i recommend nod32 anti-virus
  11. In some respects, asking poeples opinions on what is a good antivirus package is the wrong way to go about it simply because few people will experience a huge range of viruses and so their impression of their own product is therfore "good".
    Instead, ask for peoples "bad" expriences to rule out the bad ones (Like Norton is getting here) but then use the web to search for articles where packages have been reviewed against different criteria, but make sure one of the criteria has been a test of how good its detection rate is. I know I keep going on about the Reviews in PC Pro, thats not becuase I think it is neccesarily the definitive answer, but it does tests against lots of different criteria, and another important factor, its very current (Spetember 2007 issue......? did we enter a time warp somewhere)

    PS, Nod scored 77% detection but only got 2 stars out of 6 because of other fcators against it :D
  12. msr

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  13. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    I used Norton. 11 months into my licence agreement, it started to bombard me with demands to update the licence for another year. It was too intrusive to let me do anything constructive so I renewed. 11 months months later the same thing happened again.
    BUT HANG ON!!! What had happened to the last month of my previous licence? They had only dicked me for a month's licence fee. I put it down as a one-off and probably due to something I has miskeyed.
    I bought another year's licence fee and guess what happened 11 months later? Yep. Somebody somewhere will have a recording of my foulmouthed abusive phone call to their unmanned help line because scouring their website found no other way of resolving this issue. It didn't do any good but it made me feel better.

    I now use the free edition of AVG. I know it didn't perform brilliantly on a recent lab test, but the as-standard hardware NAT firewall in my router means I don't need the world's best anti-virus or firewall software.
  14. AVG any sygate firewall to bolster the windows firewall. All works a treat and minimal impact to system performance!

    Norton, whilst actually good, is over processed, you can get as good results for free!