Norton Anti-Virus.

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by The_Snail, May 21, 2011.

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  1. I've had to resort to my full screen crappy old lappy whilst the lovely pink one (fully un-virused up x 2) is getting fixed.

    For some reason, I've got Norton Anti-Virus installed on this one, and I can't get rid of the bastard thing. I keep getting "prompts" about every 3 minutes telling me that I have to upgrade or they will come round and kill the dog and burn my house down.

    How do I get rid of it? I tried googling Norton Anti-Virus Remover and clicked on the links and stuff, but it just laughed at me and froze everything and told me that "Microsoft Explorer thinks this link is a ****** and if you don't give it money it will kill your grandparents" then it closed all my windows down.

    A t-shirt of my dog having a shit to anyone who can help.

    Thanking you tar.

    Lady Dale of Snailsville.
  2. Ring Graham and ask him!
  3. Norton is a pain in the arse to remove. What OS are you running and I can get you through it
  4. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    wont let you remove through control panel/add&remove programs then?
  5. Had the same drama with norton didn't update just slowed everything down while it fucked about pretending to scan the files.
    I eventually just uninstalled it and installed AVG for free.
    Just goto your install/uninstall and select norton then uninstall the crap thing.
  6. MSE ftw!!!
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  7. Exactly. For once M$ got something right.
  8. My AV recommendations are
    Free - Malwarebytes Antimalware
    Paid - Eset Nod32

    AVG is more bloated by the release and actually slows down computers almost as much as Norton these days. Norton is, and always has been a massive pain in the arse to fully remove (even when you think it's gone, it's still lingering enough to slow down any other AV solution installed.
  9. You just want to talk filthy to me. Unfortunately, Maguire is the lucky chap tonight. Get your phone ready sexy x
  10. Mud, Dirt & Manure. That's about the limits of my dirty talk. And I wasn't proposing a phone call, just the posting of some steps for you to follow. )
  11. Download "Crap Cleaner" from this link: CCleaner - Optimization and Cleaning - Free Download - its FREE
    Install it - run programme - click on "Tools" - new window appears, select "Norton Anti-Virus" then hit "Run Uninstaller" - let it do its work.
    Next click on "registry" then "scan for issues" - let it scan - then click on "fix selected issues". DO NOT back up registry. When it says fix all issues click that button - Norton is gone forever!!

    Please send T-shirt of dog having a shit
  12. Totally agree with MSE, sits there, does its job and doesn't interfere unless it has to.

    Uninstalling Norton using windows or norton will not work, it sits in the registry...the thing is a ******* virus itself.

    CC cleaner as posted above is good, especially if its the registry cleaning version.
  13. If this works, oh lovely lady, you will need to PM me your address. This is the last t-shirt of the like: Don't hassle the huff.
  14. Oh yeah baby, you win.

    No stupidness on my craptop for a whole half an hour.

    Norton were not going kicking and screaming though, I had to re-start the bloody thing 3 times but hey, it works.

    Please send me via PM your address and I will send you the last and only t-shirt and I will cough for it on Hols4heroes.

    You dancer.