Norton 360 & Torrent software

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by night_crawler, Oct 1, 2007.

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  1. I have just installed Norton 360 and I can't get bittorent to work. Doe's anyone know how to adjust the settings so it can access the internet.

    I have looked in the firewall area but it does not list bittorrent as one of the programmes.

    Any advice would be great.

  2. Aaaargh, Norton, spawn of the devil!

    More seriously, does this work for you?
  3. I'm not sure what my port number is???
  4. Do you recommend any other anti virus software that give all the protection of Norton??? Free would be great.

  5. is your best friend. Ill provide the directions you do the leg work.
    AVG-Anti Virus something or other. Used for the last however a long thing is, that is long.
    CCleaner. cleans registry and other bits and bobs. No probs so far.
    SpyBot. Regualer upddates. No probs. Used even longer than something that is very long.

    Utorrent. Simple to install easy to set up.
    Azerus. Bit more complicated, the old saying, Crawl, walk then run applies.
    Peer Guardian. a must, if you are severely paranoid.
    VLC media Player, plays all codecs.
    AC3 player(a sound program) just follow the instructions (recommend Peer guardian afterwards)
    Warning Piracy is a crime, as an example. The popualer demonoid site was taken Offline last week(ish) by the Canadian Copyright protection people(or some such funny group) Now its seems that sites like and are no longer safe.
    RIP aXXo

    Norton\McAfee\NOD32 can go and feckin rot in computer hell.


    pm me for more info
  6. Thanks for Peer Guardian: Looks a great bit of kit especially if you worry about Them watching you
  7. Use costs next to nowt, max D/L speeds and get it encrypted so no fecker can see what your up to. The days of Bit torrent are comming to a very sad end :(
  8. Peer Guardian is a very nice little program. You dont realise just how so until you have it running and see how much its blocks. Also pretty funny to see what sources its blocking, ive had the Hungarian school system, US navy, Georgian metro system and a Dutch library :D
  9. Guys your all internet angels. I will download all the free Anti-virus software and ditch Norton.

    You say that Torrent is coming to an end??? How else can I download movies and music???

  10. Use newsgroups, Stuff held on servers tucked away in internet land, You need to pay to access the servers, But eveything is there. I use it for backup wii/xbox360 games and porn saves a ton of cash.