Northumbria University bans uniforms

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by fraudstar, Nov 3, 2008.

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  1. Has anybody else heard about Northumbria University Students Union banning recruiting and uniforms on campus?

    Apparently it's due to the lack of public support for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. I don't think they've banned the Labour Society yet though.

    I'll get a list of their minutes from the meeting posted soon. In view of what's happening on Sunday though I think we need to raise awareness of how the youth of our country treat those who fight for their freedom to ban them.

    Talk about mocking the uniforms.....
  2. The only thing that the students union have banned was the OTC recruting during freshers week. I think its important to state that Northumbia university is very supportive of the OTC, to the point where they arranged for a room to be set up the week after for recruiting.

    The students union doesnt appear to have appreciated the negative publicity and is meeting with the Colonel of the OTC to see what can be done about next year.

    Just some childish lefty student politics!
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Northumbria University Student Union president David Wright said its policy did not prevent them from advertising at other times throughout the year.

    He said: “Student Council is an elected body to represent and pass policy as determined by our members.

    “The Students’ Union elected officers like myself to work for and on behalf of all students and it is our duty to ensure that policy decisions are implemented.

    “Our job is to support our members and stand by democratic decisions that have been made.”

    Just like every union in the country: the trouble is that they actually speak for a miniscule 'right-on' minority.

    The vast majority of students have absolutely no interest in the Union and are quite frankly embarrassed at its antics.

  4. When I was in NUOTC in the early 80's we were banned for wearing uniform at the freshers fair, although still allowed to recruit. Didn't affect our recruiting one bit; biggest student society there was.
  5. Please dont POL the outrage bus just yet. The student president is a friend of mine, and I will enquire as to the truth behind this story. The Poly have always allowed the URNU and OTC to recruit on campus in uniform during Freshers week and I am positive that they were there this year.

    TBH you dont see may students in uniform at the Poly anyway, although the NUOTC does have a strong attendance. However, with the Sandyford TAC being adjacent, one does often see various Fusilier bods bimbling across the quad.

    By and large it would be fair to say that the Poly's student population (exc. foreign students) is largely supportive of the Armed Forces in general. The student body, in my opinion as a former Student Sport Executive member isn't very political at all, and such a ban has probably been slipped in on the QT by some sab officer with delusions of grandeur. A non-story.

    As I said, this years president is a mate (He was archery captain when I was rugby chairman 3 years ago) and has his head screwed on. Refrain from sending him any abuse as yet.
  6. But sadly all to common on ARRSE nowadays and usually initiated by 'new' members, who are in their own right nothing more than arrse-wipes hoping to see the extent to which can wind some people up. Sadly on this site, there are those who will dance to the tune being played. It's all pretty f*cking boring actually.

    Perhaps it is now time for the site MODs to be weeding out these 'nothing' threads and deleting them as they are nothing more than a waste of site space and all they achieve is the dilution of the more serious issues affecting service personnel.
  7. At the risk of starting up ARRSE's famed outrage wagon, here is why they banned it:

    This Union noted:
    1. The issue of military recruitment in schools and universities has become a major flashpoint recently.
    2. The recent NUT conference voted to oppose military recruitment in schools.
    3. The forthcoming UCU conference will vote on a similar motion.
    4. A number of students’ unions have passed policy banning the military, most notably at a UCL general meeting which made national news, following which the General Secretary was briefly suspended by a minority clique on the executive before her reinstatement.

    This Union believed:
    1. The military’s role in Iraq and Afghanistan has been disastrous and is opposed internationally, including by military families in the UK.
    2. The crisis in the Middle East, and strength of opinion here has resulted in a credibility and recruitment crisis for the armed forces, and increased targeting of students.
    3. This crisis has deepened with the recent explosion of violence onto the streets of Basra following the British army’s defeat and withdrawal there last year.
    4. One of the responses to this is MoD school lesson plans, and macho “action man” style publicity aimed at young people.
    5. It is completely unacceptable for military recruiters, whose purpose is to recruit young people to fight and die in massively unpopular wars, to target us in our educational establishments.
    6. It is disgraceful that military propaganda is focussed on the excitement of military life, and targets students with economic problems on the basis of a well paid job, obscuring the reality of military life and the wars being fought.

    This Union resolved:
    1. To ban the military from all welcome fairs.
    2. To steadfastly defend students’ unions democratic right to oppose the military in cases such as that of UCL where cliques manoeuvre to try and overturn the democratic will of the students.
    3. To support other unions involved in similar campaigns.
  8. wait out.

    edited out of respect for an old mucker. so far.
  9. student unions got to love them. :D
    IN the early 90s they Had a Day of action to close down the "base of death :roll: " I kid you not the stab TAC next to brighton uni :D
    So Saturday they rolled up protested and blockaded the main gate went home happy that the TA were too cowardly to confront the power of peace :roll:
    fact was the TA had gone off on ex at 6 am and the soap dodgers couldn't be arrsed to get out of bed all we found were some damp leaflets :D
    student unions do this crap year in year out they get away with it because most of the students are to busy to care and think quite rightly nobody cares what 6 lesbians and a harry potter lookalike do as long as the student union bar runs.
    Until they piss everybody off with one outrageous stunt to many and they get slapped down hard either by the grown ups or everybody turns up and votes them out as happed at ucl they then whinge how nobody is as radical as them.

    kent state had the right idea :twisted:
  10. I had seen the reasons why it had been banned and it annoyed me. I know many people from Northumbria in the OTC and those who aren't but who support it. Nor do I suspect Northumbria University itself of not supporting HM Forces. However, that the above reasons were presented and that it was HM Forces and not the political leaders behind the wars that was singled out made me saddened about the minority of people, determined to push this motion through and the message that it sent out about how we view our soldiers.
  11. It has not, just that some SUs ban uniforms.

    The SU is not the NUT. Does the SU have no independent minds who do not need to follow teacher?

    Why pre-judge the outcome?

    Cant really be bothered to write any more but as has been mentioned above, has the Labour Party been banned? It was a Labour Government that sent troops to Sfg / Iraq; the Army did not decide this unilaterally.


  12. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    I find myself in total agreement with you here

    Current Affairs does seem to be full of stories about why everyone hates us.

    Although I think ARRSE could actually do with less forums not more can I propose a new forum

    Outrage Bus - Get the Works Ticket Ready
  13. Phew! We can all sleep soundly in our beds. A non-story.
  14. Students Get All Uppity; Not Many Hurt.
  15. the outrage smart car is ready