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Discussion in 'OTC' started by TA_sig, Sep 5, 2006.

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  1. Quick question: Do Northumbria actively recruit at Teesside University? I know it's a fair way off but know of some people that might be interested at the start of the semester.
  2. very good question. Teeside used to be funny about it. I would phone the otc
  3. Any info on how 'funny'? Was it the uni, the union or both? If the union then I guess it depends on the elected bods at the time.
  4. Couldn't tell you about how 'funny' the union will be about OTC membership but I really doubt you would encounter any problems.

    If you are still interested in joining the unit I'd advise you to give them a call and book a place at one of their open evenings; as it is unlikely they will have a presence at the Teeside freshers fairs (although I could be wrong here).

    Unit contact details and information on the open evenings can be found here:
  5. The union, my dear PTG, you should listen to council. In years past unions didnt let military recruiters onto site. That is one of the reasons why NUOTC does its recruiting on the lawn at Newcastle. That belongs to the uni, not the union. The first year otc were barred Sidi set up a light gun aiming at the union. that display got a much better return than a desk in a crummy room the year before. bloody pinko students.........