Northumberland Barracks, Menden

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by bobtheclog, Oct 26, 2008.

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  1. Took a drive and trip down memory lane while working in Holland recently. Thought I'd share the photo's.

    for the ex 5 & 6 OFP guys; there is asmall reunion group that gets larger every year. Anybody who wants to join us can e-mail "". Enjoy the pics.

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  2. There's more ...

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  3. ...and then more ....

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  4. ah the memories of that place. enjoyed my time there, the town was nice too :D
  5. ... and for the sporting gladiators, the place where the OFP beat the Regiment at rugby ...! Now disused except for dog walking by day and dogging by night!

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  6. The Barrack blocks have been converted into apartments, the Gym still operates as a gym, the cookhouse and sgts mess is a primary school, the REME Workshops are industrial units, as is the hockey pitch and the wooded area further back.

    Most the Town Centre High Street has been pedestrianised but many of the old bars are still there.
  7. Always saying to my mate who served there with me that we would go and have a look back down memory lane. been saying that for the past ten years. one day :(
  8. P.s Do you have any more piccys ? any of the old 36 bty block ?
  9. Here's Jenny's Bar and the Schnelly.

    Couldn't remember the Battery Numbers but all the block conversions are similar.

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  10. It was my first posting after Junior Leaders RAOC and my introduction to Adult Service. Met some great guys ,a fair few of whom I'm still in touch with.

    I'll always remember my 18th, when the bar was kept open and I was dragged out of bed at 0001hrs to buy my first round of drinks, legally. I recall still going at dawn and incurring the wrath of the WO IC PC&A, JG and his wife who worked in CRB.
  11. it was the block near what used to be the cinema and the mini assault course walls ran at the back of the accommodation block. the boxing ring was in the attic(not sure if all the btys had these in the attic?) suppose what used to be the church army shop is gone ?
  12. The Church Army Shop looks to part of the School that's taken over the Cookhouse and Sgts Mess. But I remember it very well and the old geezer who ran it and always wore a shabby tweed suit. We nicknamed him "Mr Crow"!
  13. Hi Bob, great photos of my old camp. Is the first pic of the old families naafi? If so my room was the one just above the entrance/exit doors. Brought back a lot of memories of my time there in the early seventies. I was REME attatched to the OFP from 71 to 73. Do you remember the English guy who had a pub nearby? It was near the married quarters. Anyway great photos and thanks for sharing them.
    Stevied ex REME corporal
  14. Nice BFT route as I remember it, down the big hill and up the other side, then back down that one and you've guessed it..........

    Nice buildings, the old ex Luftwaffe barracks, Churchill bks in Lippstadt were built to the same plans.
  15. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    Wasn't stationed there but lived in the qtrs just outside the gate in Droste Hülshoff Str. Happy days :)