Northern Soul Night.

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by The_Snail, Aug 15, 2011.

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  1. Darn tooting baby!

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  2. I am a girl and dance like a twat.

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  3. I am under 18 and me mum says no

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  4. I lick frogs.

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  1. By popular demand, I have been appointed Social Seckrity (albeit the most unsocial bitch ever) which means that I have to organise this debacle.

    Krom wants to get his kicks out on the floor at the VSC. Hmm. (
    Like they will let us in.

    For all intents and purposes, we will be raising money for Hols4Heroes, and making ourselves look like complete *********.

    There will be lots of jiggery-pokery and much mirth. I promise.

    As I am in that North Yorkshire place, and Krom is in the Czech (******* right I am going to visit him and trash his house - I care not if his wench is up the duff) I have voluntold peeps to do certain things.

    Joker62 (my little Spag Bol) and Alec Lomas - sort out the venue (please).

    Gremmers and Whiffler - T-shirts please.

    PRT - Make some magic - just make it work.

    Popstar and Piespies - be pretty and bully people to come. No snidey comments Bickies, or I'll take your legs off.

    Blue Softee - we may need a bear. I still have the Reni Bear (with the massive HELLO, but I don't want to let it out of my sight - LPB - no stealing)

    OK. That's the deal. First weekend in November - after the Wakey Crawl - and some camp campy thing that is going on. If you don't turn up, you're a hermer.

    Who's in?

    Excuses on a postcard to Chez Slug, Aged 12 and bit, Doesn't ******* care.

  2. Club have bee asked... out of office auto reply... do you think they knew in advance...
  3. Ok, I might be able to make it but it depends on the date....and why isn't there an option to vote for I'm old, fat and daren't do the splits or back drops anymore?
  4. Being in the frozen wastelands of NE Scotland, even if the event is held in North Yorkshire I will still have a 400 mile round trip..but so what :)

    Where and when? And can non forum members come as there is a strong band of followers up here who would willingly support the event!
  5. Me.

    Would it be possible to change 3 Before 8 to something like 3 Before 2330, only that's when I usually have my Ovaltine?

    And I want first dibs on a family room (I know they've got one 'cos I've just phoned them to find out).

    I attach the following for no other reason than I consider it likely to appeal to some of the ARRSE forum correspondents:


    (It belongs to someone's club so no nicking it...)
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  6. Splits and backdrops are not required. Non forum members are more than welcome, and 2/51 - sorry darling - the poor shandy drinkers want it to be held in that London place. It's apparently more central or something.

    OK, His Lordship has just looked at my Tactical Diary (i.e. it's pink) and we're thinking of going for Sat 12th Nov. I know most of you will be setting fire to Harry Ramps and begging for sweets on the weekend before, and the month after will be the Xmas Crawl (which I am not ******* organising again) so there.

    Coal_Collition is sorting the DJing out (I love voluntolding - but he did offer), and the rest is up to you lot.

    If this happens, you'd better turn up, or I'll kick my blind dog.
  7. I'll see if me and my lady can make it as long as you'll have a cheeky V with her
  8. 12is good. Need to book plane ticket.if no answer from club madame jo jos is good but only on fridays
  9. VSC is fully booked for accommodation... bugger.
    No reply on the venue from Events
  10. Bloody hell, there are a fair few folk who live north of Woolwich!
    Oh well, better start saving for a plane ticket..
  11. I'd imagine it difficult to get a room that weekend.
  12. It's Remembrance weekend that weekend so if you need a Hotel get yer finger oot...... I'm in London that weekend so I/we might ( I said might ) be able to pop along and lower the tone.
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  13. No problem. In that London the Sunday papers come out Saturday night and they trap a lot of air. That'll keep the Missus snuggly warm under Vauxhall Bridge. I'll be at the Dorchester.
  14. We.ll need more than 9.

    Here.s hoping because plane tickets are booked!

  15. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    No, I'm in - and can probably drum up a few other dad-dancers for the cause.