Northern Rock - Richard Branson

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ABrighter2006, Nov 26, 2007.

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  1. Virgin - The Rock Authority

    He couldn't NOT give it a go really :D
  2. It's worth remembering that for a long while R. Branson nutured an intense interest in hot air ballooning.
    Perhaps the bearded one's Northern Rock bid is now a way to continue this interest without his feet actually leaving the ground.
  3. So the non UK tax paying pro EU (cheap labour) has stopped selling the last of the leave the EU' newspapers on his public bailed out train service.

    Virgin Trains halts Daily Mail sales
  4. No platform?
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  5. Thy sold about 70 copies a day. It’s hardly a big loss.

    Still, DM readers will probably get upset and demand random CAPITALISED words in tomorrow’s headlines.
  6. Upsetting millions of DM readers vs making SJW posts over stopping 70 copies of the DM when you were going to stop selling them anyway

    The loss of business to Virgin priceless
  7. Only pro EU rags are now available.... And no readers wives in sight. The knob who wanted the tax payer to rebuild his house is stopping anything that differs from his view
  8. How many Daily Mirrors do they sell?
  9. It is (literally) his train set; he can do as he likes.

    There’s nothing to stop anyone reading a copy of the DM on board that they purchased elsewhere
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  10. Unknown. I’d take a guess that the numbers are fairly low as well.
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  11. Well, there's someone who doesn't have a clue. When did Reagan do the deregulation that Clinton did when he scrapped Glass-Steagall, arguably the biggest action that brought about the 2008 crash as it laid the ground for the inevitable.

  12. No he didn't, he asked for help for an area full of people who'd lost everything and used his yacht to deliver aid around the islands.
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  13. But...but...but...that’s not what the Daily Mail told me to think....
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  14. This sort of reporting will really endear him to the DM
    Virgin owner Sir Richard Branson is in line for a £24million payout from his company’s West Coast rail service.

    Read more: Richard Branson pockets £24m from Virgin Trains rail firm | Daily Mail Online
    And the repayment of his £3bn bid for the `East Coast rail franchise is being "rescheduled" or being "given a bail out from tax payers" - depending on which newspaper you are allowed to buy on his trains.
  15. If and when I use a Virgin Train I will buy several daily wails and leave them around the train.

    Personally it sounds like Branson is trying to get in Corbyn,s good books after the Virgin Train stunt, it never works trying to appease the true believers though.
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