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Northern Rock - Richard Branson

I'm beginning to wonder if Branson wasn't put up to it. Maybe he was visited by someone from the treasury and asked if he could help restore confidence and quieten the frigtened horses.
He's into branding, the governments into presentation it would sort of make sence. I think his apparent interest in Northern Rock might be all show. Maybe its all just clever PR.

(I did hear that the junior official who suggested that they hire Michael Winner to appear on telly to tell everyone to "Calm down dear, its only a commercial" has been given the sack.)
DesktopCommando said:
Although the price is going up
But on the basis of the takeover of a business that failed and collapsed in value during the the last quarter, we should be worried if the share price did anything else.

Not exactly the .com boom, but compare Northern Rock to that of Last Minute.com and the problems that are had when "clever accounting / business" models are used and communications to the market are based on perception versus reality.

Were it not for the suspension of Northern Rock's shares on the market, the price would have declined to such an extent as to leave the regulators with little choice but to close the books. In essence, the usual conditions existed, that made Northern Rock's fortunes (or rather lost them), so the share price fluctuation is nothing more than indicative of the price moving nearer to that of the value of the business now - and if Branson invested in any FTSE 500 company, market optimism would push the organisation's share price up.

So, great news for those looking to dump their shares, but for all of today's gains, compare the trading price to 365 days ago, and now make your prediction for the same period going forward. Then decide, whether it would be in the interest of those organisations, such as Pension Funds, to be investing in shares on this share price movement, for any other reason than the government's effective underwriting of any losses for Northern Rock operations until the point where all public monies have been repaid, along with a commercial rate of charge, to HM Treasury.

Totally agree with the words of Getty. Maybe the problem is centred around this quaint economic model of buying real estate as an investment.
Dead cat bounce?

is this the new virgin shares then?


Ah, hear the shareholders have rebuked Branson's generous offer. Fancy that!

Any recent footage of our sweating Chancellor? Oh dear, oh me, oh my. Now the real fun is going to begin.
I suspect that The Treasury will pick the 'winner' of this auction.For the taxpayer it's not a matter of the best deal,but the least worse!

After 10 years of Labour decimation, voted for by the population, I fear payback time is round the corner.
The problems now occurring in the financial markets pre date labour. The seeds were sown in the Reagan/Thatcher period with their wholesale deregulation of the markets. These are the chickens coming home to roost.

The blame lies with neo con economics and their hero Milton Friedman. Its not just war they get wrong. Its - well everything really.


Book Reviewer
The only reason why the shareholders said no is that they were frightened of the lawsuit that would come from trade descriptions if Branson took over.

They could hardly call it "Northern Virgin" could they? :LOL: :thumright:

Edited: typing mong tuesday kicked in early.
It's worth remembering that for a long while R. Branson nutured an intense interest in hot air ballooning.
Perhaps the bearded one's Northern Rock bid is now a way to continue this interest without his feet actually leaving the ground.
So the non UK tax paying pro EU (cheap labour) has stopped selling the last of the leave the EU' newspapers on his public bailed out train service.

Virgin Trains halts Daily Mail sales
Upsetting millions of DM readers vs making SJW posts over stopping 70 copies of the DM when you were going to stop selling them anyway

The loss of business to Virgin priceless
Thy sold about 70 copies a day. It’s hardly a big loss.

Still, DM readers will probably get upset and demand random CAPITALISED words in tomorrow’s headlines.
Only pro EU rags are now available.... And no readers wives in sight. The knob who wanted the tax payer to rebuild his house is stopping anything that differs from his view
Only pro EU rags are now available.... And no readers wives in sight. The knob who wanted the tax payer to rebuild his house is stopping anything that differs from his view
It is (literally) his train set; he can do as he likes.

There’s nothing to stop anyone reading a copy of the DM on board that they purchased elsewhere

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