Northern Norwegian weather in June

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by dogs_bollox, Jan 9, 2013.

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  1. I'm heading up to Nordkapp on my bike on 2 June. Got a rough route sorted up through central Sweden and back down along the Norwegian coast.

    I'm having trouble finding sources for 'normal' weather for that time of year online. Anyone got any idea ? Presumably cold and wet with a fair bit of snow around (it is 2 days ride above the arctic circle after all ... ) Potential for some dry days and howling snowstorms ?

  2. Try contacting Scootering magazine, They had an article about two nutbags who went up to the Artic circle around that time of year on Lambretta's prettysure weather was as described. I've asked a mate to see if he knows and I'll get back to you with what he knows.
  3. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

  4. All I can tell you is Northern Norway is not for the feint-hearted. Even though I am involved in the travel industry I would want to advise you.

    However I would respectfully suggest you contact David Robertson, he is an expert and has everything at his fingertips.
    Contact him at:david at bestbikingroads dot com
  5. Horizons Unlimited.

    The main place that adventure motorcyclist ( before it was trendy ), travellers and 4x4 drivers all got together to share their travel information....and have quite a few international meetings as well.

    The HUBB

    Have a rummage around on that site and you will find what you are looking for, or join up and register ( free ) and ask any questions you like.

    This is a genuine community of accomplished travellers and newbies alike that is leagues apart from the various bullshitting indivduals that you can have the misfortune of speaking to about travelling, their drive is to get as many people out travelling as they can irregardless of what type or make of bike/vehicle you have.
  6. Thanks for all the input gents. Much appreciated.

    Emsav, I hadn't thought of Bestbikingroads. Usually use that to avoid the roads all the nutters use on good days !

    Since first posting, I have found a couple of trip reports On ADV and some self published ones of folk who have been to Nordkapp in June. Basically it can be everything from low 30's in the south on a sunny day to the equivalent of a harsh Scottish winter's day in the north. Kind of what I expected I suppose. I've got a lot of Arctic experience of Northern Canada but not Northern Norway which I know is a lot is a lot moister and less predictable. Could be merino thermals under a fleece jacket and trousers under my Barbour Suit or it could be jeans, T-shirt and Barbour jacket. Looks like a German buddy of mine wants to come along so at least we can split the camping kit between us. Should be fun !

    Got the route pinned now and checked out a lot of it with google street view (what a tool that is !). Sweden looks rather samey. Northern Norway looks stunning. Booked ferry to Esbjerg yesterday. The hard part will be the wait til June 2nd.

    Thanks again for your inputs.
    Happy trails ! :)
  7. From my experience it will be hot, wet, cold, dry, snow, ice, hot, wet, cold........etc. changing about every fifteen minutes.

    The only certainty is, it won't be dark!
  8. Sorry Cernnunos, too busy looking at your signiature ..... did you say something ? ;-)

    I'm sure you're not wrong. Like I said, my experience of Northern Canada at those lattitudes is probably of no use as the weather up there is usually far more steady and predictable.

  9. Norway, like Ireland, gets Atlantic weather, those big whirling weather fronts all pile into Norway eventually.

    It can be stable and pleasant, but it is better to plan for four seasons in the hour!

    With the correct kit and a bottle or two of aquavit, who cares.
  10. Thinking about the weather, the west coast road, the E6 has really rough weather, the Baltic E4 route is much more gentle, limp wristed, gay even. Most of the people driving it seem to do the circuit using both.

    You say bike, if you mean motor bike then my top tip is fill up at every chance. plan your tank stops well, the opportunities to fill up are few and far between!

    Having a ******* huge dead Elk, four wet dogs, three drunken Norwegians and an empty fuel tank was not my best days shooting!