Northern Nazis strike again!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sunnoficarus, Jun 14, 2012.

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  1. Dressing up as a Nazi at a WWII event is a crime now?

    Perhaps they'd better gather up all copies of The Producers, Where Eagles Dare, The Night Porter and countless more, and dispose of them. Maybe they should hold a torchlight procession whilst waving rainbow flags, and burn the offending items in a big bonfire in the town square.
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  2. It was a 1940s festival. There were nazi's in the 1940s. What's the big deal?
  3. Seems to me like people are over reacting in a attempt to save face with the Germans.
  4. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Because, obviously, these are right-wing eeevils, and therefore specifically and certainly far far far more eeevil than anyone could be who dressed like the Red Army, or the Khmer Rouge, or the Tupamaros, or the Chinese PLA.

    Get with the programme :)
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  5. "Germans horrified by Nazi uniforms"? Oh ******* really?
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  6. Nazis in 1940's Bury and now Haworth. My Grand dad never told me about this. How did they get there and where are they now? I think we need to know!
  7. Yeah pipe down you moaning boxhead feckers.
  8. They're probably horrified that their Grandads spiffing Waffen SS uniform is being worn by a fat speccy asthmatic!
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  9. Only because they are tormented by thoughts of what might have been... they banned the things in Germany itself to avoid hurting people's feelings with reminders of almost-achieved past greatness. Rather than designing new widget-flanges for BMW, your German middle-manager might have been Lord of a thousand Slavic serfs as he strode across his Eastern estate picking out the cuter blondes for a bit of racial upgrading later that day.
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  10. While we're on the subject, could the British Army stop dressing up as British soldiers please? You're upsetting the Muslims.
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  11. I bet they weren't as shocked as the Poles were in 1939...
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  12. `

    A few years ago we visited Eden Camp and there were a lot of fat, bald guys strutting around in elaborate Nazi uniforms. They looked rediculous, and as I have asked before, why, oh why, would anyone want to collect, let alone wear Nazi regalia? After a tour in Germany where we spent time in Berlin and Munich, and visited some of the sites of the horrors associated with the Fascist Period (as the locals refer to it) and I cannot understand why anyone would want to be associated with such a thoroughly evil, corrupt, peverted and sick society - of that time. We didn't hang around, ushered our kids out and left. I certainly wouldn't have trusted our kids to any of this sad sickos.

    Yes it is a free country but it was in poor taste to wear it if the organisers knew a German delegation was to visit. Modern Germans are accutely embarrased about the past and we are the ones that are regarded as morbid by constantly being 'triumphal' about the whole thing. And why would self-respecting Kraut town want to twin with Haworth?

    * Granted, yes, their uniforms were rather smart - unlike modern German military ones.
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  13. Oi, I was not there, I was busy at a Burma Vetrans Rally dressed as a Japanese general.!!
  14. I used to have a complete SS uniform, complete with jackboots, die-cast Luger and leather greatcoat, that a lass who worked as a costumier swiped for me 'as a joke' when they disposed of the sets and costumes from 'Enemy at the Door'. I detest fancy-dress parties it struck me as amusing to turn up to one in this outfit and cast a blight on the whole sorry affair.

    Reality check when I caught the whiff of moistened clunges across the room. That 'fancy dress' got me some of the best shags ever with deviancy aplenty ('beat me on the arse with your leather belt' was a request made more than once) over about five years, until it was swiped on a train trip from London to Edinburgh.
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