Northern Mafia

Seeing as this name has been plucked from the ether to describe the users, including myself, who have polluted the other threads with our every day skive induced banter I have created a thread to concentrate it here as opposed to inflicting it on others.

For the full story behind the creation of this thread have a gander at page 3 onwards of the "Sad Forum" Thread.



Oh Fauna, Operator, Stavinski, Pavlovski, Unknown_Quantity, Gunsablazin etc etc feel free to post here too.... I'm just striving to help out by keeping the inane banter located here as opposed to every bloody thread!
I am more than aware of that.... just trying to appease the others on behalf of my compatriots!

Plus you're one of the folk we enjoy a spot of banter with so keep up your appearances here muffin!


War Hero
Seems the forum has totally turned about since people got upset by "another bone ULOTC thread"...

All good fun - hows the recruitment from your mess going Cheeky?
aye too true U_Q! Recruitment is slow... not a member anymore but still help out whenever I can and have the odd Tuesday night booze!

I'll put up another poster or two when I'm in next! need to do that anyway coz of the St Paddy's day party!
Not sure about the "northern mafia" bit, seeing as I'm well and truely southern. Do like the idea of keeping the inane banter in one place though. Will talk to ATL re: recruiting this weekend.
Sure have.... damn sexy piece of kit!

Just to turn you on further Fauna my dear..... have some iPod porn:

Phwoarr I bet you're as "Wet as an Otters Pocket" now eh muffin?

Sorry couldn't resist it! :twisted:

Might have to start saving for one myself... in Blue I think!
I think i am going to have to go for blue as well, but maybe silver for the simple fact that when it gets scratched, the blue will show it up more.. and i havent heard that otters pocket thing for a while, is it a northern thing?
fauna said:
is it a northern thing?
No just a smutty thing!

The silver one would be better at hiding the scratches but then again my other car's silver, my monitor's silver..... everything's bloody silver these days.

Hence the blue!
And very few OTC folk. Can yuo really imagine taking it somewhere where it would be needed (too be DPM)

Put a couple in photo with celebs and they'd shift
Hmm, I had a guest at our annual dinner with one of those (phone covers). He wasn't a nob :p

what's the worst piece of non-essential or non-useful DPM kit you've seen.

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