northern lites

ahhh yet another year over and many more attempts by the organising jocks to cheat their way to victory :eek:, and though some were spotted they still managed to convince us that they did win!! :mad: :mad:
but wot the hell,tankards aren`t that bad, oh and for any aberdeen rugby players, that was never crossing!!!! :mad: :mad:
tankards?  looked in my bag this morning and have one for being a ref and one for female  rugby!   :-/
Believe it or not I was on a NL team the year that the jocks couldn't cheat their way to victory (not through lack of trying)

Comiserations to the team that should have one (according to all who were there)
yep me too whinge, and a merry few days alcoholism was enjoyed by all think i left the bar bout mid afternoon tuesday! 8) that trophy hold quite a bit of champers!!!! terribly terribly drunk!
Does any of the scots OTCs know that most of QUOTC pissed in the trophy before we handed it back?


Should I have kept that fact quiet...
So QUOTC knew they weren't going to win it again (suppose you couldn't get the sympathy vote two years running) :p
Ahhh, the year QUOTC won. The storemen played the sash on the sidelines as we played rugby, other teams had women footballers that looked like/were men and didn't we win the Queens Cup the same year? I think so!

Two final points -

- I think we did more than piss in some of the trophies before handing them back.

- Who won the rugby this year and what trophy did they get presented  ;D ? Pity we shat on all the teams last year in the 7's, Edinburgh by 50 points and benders in the final by 30 points.
You didn't do anything to the rugby teams this year, you didn't even get close.
But you still have last years memories I suppose.
well if beating Edinbugh 47-0 wasn't even close i guess 3 wins and a draw, isn't good enough apparently not even close so i suppose we'll just have to try harder , i know the scottish one's got an easy let off this year, i don't think the ref even knew what sport was being played , and thats not only in our games,that is a general observation, i was also on last years team which kicked ass , how many tries did we conceed , yeah 1 in the tournament , didn't want to embarass scotland 2 years running,but next year we will have a practice session before coming over and show you how rugby is really played
Well no matter how well Queens do at the rugby they always get shafted at everything else because the jocks (well probably more the english) cheat like ****.

Been to NL twice and saw it both times...every year something new to feck the Ulstermen/women about with.

Trust M-squared to catch them out one year at their little tricks.

Just can't accept that the ones from ulster are the better soldiers/rugby players/hockey/everything than them.

For soldiering just remember Tim Collins speech to the 1st Bn Royal Irish. Defining moment of the war. Only Comical Ali's Daily Stand-up routine comes close to being as memorable.

The (Northern) Irish - Nobody does it better!
Northern Lights, aahhh memories!  Best bit was the coach ride from Belfast.  Can't ever remember arriving at Cultybraggan sober.  Not that's what I call preparation! Often wondered about the paradox of having scottish OTC's with no scots in them.  Tayforth = N. Irish who fancied 3/4 years away from home.  Aberdeen/Strathclyde/Edinburgh = English people in kilts?  Never quite got that one.  ???  
Gingerbloke - You're right, nobody does it better than us - not that I'm biased  ;D
Just can't accept that the ones from ulster are the better soldiers/rugby players/hockey/everything than them.
Hmmmm..... well, the team that got consistently the most spectators was Edinburgh's womens' rugby team :) Pretty well undefeated for the last three Northern Lights, and living proof that your statement is, err, incorrect.

And having talked to the last few people in the bar on the Friday, there weren't many Queens' there, so you must have peaked on the bus journey......
"Peaked" is probably being generous gravelbelly, the term "I couldn't even bite me own finger" usually applied, especially arriving around midnight or so after a 7 hour ferry and coach journey!  Besides, I can't remember ever finding much interest in rushing to catch last orders in a bar full of dodgy looking English chicks. Well, not ones I never had a chance of pulling anyway!

G&S UOTC had lots of jocks in my day and very few English students - though Edinburgh was full of them.....
I don't think that it good to go by spectators as almost every1 that came across from queens were actually participating cause every1 knows admin/spectating=guard duty. I watched all the Queens womens rugby matches and i think that they are coming along very well all considering, i won't make excuses for them , none are needed in my opinion because every time they get the chance to play the come on that much more.As for Edinburgh,it's only a matter of time before your ' 3 northern lites undefeated' record gets washed well down the pan, pride comes before a fall also i'm not sure which team they were on but maybe some of the other otc's should play women in the womens rugby cause there is a few i seen and i swear i seen facial stubble (some things never change)

Some of the scots OTC "women" rugby players would make Arnold Schwarchznegger look effeminate.

I think most of the QUOTC old hands and those still there would agree that Northern Lights is just another excuse to get pissed/paid and have a laugh. The fact that we occassionally win things is a worse reflection on the standards the scots have.

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.
Being as i wasn't at Northern Lights this year, first time in 6 years, who won overall?

Is it true that Queens came second overall, considering they have bugger all pipes and drums. Is it also true that they won the overall sports? That would make it the third or forth year running.

So Gravelbelly, the fact that Edinburgh are good at girls rugby doesn't hide the fact that they are generally pants at the majority of the sports. It's a percentages competition with the sports and edinburgh just doesn't measure up!

Oh, your guys rugby team is, well, shit!

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