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Want to surprise the mrs with a trip to see the northern lights early December this year. Been looking around the web and now my brain hurts. £1650 pp is really more than I want to spend and was ideally hoping for a weekend away rather than a week. Just wanna see the lights and have a nice break. Gonna pop into the travel agents this week but wondered if anyone has done this? Recommendations, people to use, places to go (heard Scotland is good but less chance of seeing the lights)?

Thanks, TBM
Chances of picking the right weekend are against you though.

The aurora Borealis aren't just switched on at night for the tourists. :)

Have a look The Geophysical Institute Auroral Forecast Page

Navigate to the Europe page and see what the chances are (1 is low 9 is high)
Steven has a very good point, I lived in Anchorage, Alaska for five years, saw the Aurora Borealis just once.
Lived in Aberdeen seen it approx 5 times!
There was a programme on recently with Joanna Lumley (maybe iplayer) and she went to somewhere in Norway where its virtually Gauranteed
I'm not sure if the company are still around now, I tried to get my dive club interested about 5 years ago, but no one fancied it so it fell through.

Some of the holiday companies were adverising it around October.......

They flew you out to Norway, from local airports, you then bussed out at crack of dawn to Tysfjord, where a boat waited, there were a number of options, watching from the boat, right up to swimming with a hired drysuit amongst a pod of killer whales, while they gorged on herring (try to get the lime green drysuits..... avoid the herring coloured ones.....)

Afterwards, they bussed you back, stopping on the way, where....... if you were lucky, you got to see the AB.

Long day, but around £300 to £400, not bad for that experience.

Try Googling Tysfjord to check, plus Thomas Cook.


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Want to surprise the mrs with a trip to see the northern lights early December this year.
I might have some acid left in the shed. From my drug smuggling days? PM me, yah?

Other than that, you want Lapland. Finland for choice up near the Russian border. Avoid expensive travel companies and just land at the airport and ask the locals. The people up there are so friendly and nice you have to remind yourself not to mug them. November on, you will see the lights to beat the band. Every night.
I have seen them a few times, but the best display I saw was from the Hebrides, and surprisingly I saw one evening in August. Its pot luck and partly dependant on solar activity.


It's ******* lethal, I had some in a cafe with full purple interior in Amsterdam and spent half hour heaving into the Amstel.

I prefer the fiendish White Widow, followed by 3 twixes a banana milkshake and a 24 pack of Monster Munch.
Mine was purely medicinal and guess what? I'm cured!!
Saw them in 94 Northern Norway . I was on stag in a snow trench system we had dug eagerly awaiting the forthcoming attack from the Royal Green Jackets . Stunning is the word I would use .


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As those in the know know - head to Norway.

Tromsø - Norway official travel guide -

Big enough city for you to do something whilst waiting for nightfall, combined with the fact that Norway is beautiful and the women are usually hot. Raddisson/Clarion/Scandic will cost you about £100-150 per room per night and you'll need to stay for about 4 to be guaranteed to see them.

Billige flybilletter, hotell og leiebil - Norwegian Booking with these guys. Pretty good value for money, a refugee airline without the utter contempt for their "Customers" as exhibited by Ryanair. About £250.00 PP but you can get it a bit cheaper. Annoyingly you can only book to October at the moment, optimum is Dec, Jan, Feb when its permanently dark. But if you add all this up this is a great deal less than £1650PP.

Northern lights (Aurora Borealis) in beautiful Northern Norway - Norway official travel guide -

Tips and hints - Take your own booze. A lot of it. If you find self catering take meat, pasta, salt, toilet rolls and anything else you can fit in your suitcase. Norway is staggeringly expensive. Its worth doing self catering and taking everything out with you. Save your money for the £6 beers.
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