Northern lights results 2001-06

I've had a quick look and I can't find previous Northern lights results and our unit doesnt seem to keep any either so I'm appealing to peoples memories.

Between 2001 and 2006 can you remember the results, or overall positions of any of the Northern lights sports competition.
Only ones I can help with is 2006 football where I know Queens beat Aberdeen but Aberdeen won their other 2 games and drew one.

Anybody remember any?
Best bit of advice is have a look at the people who post in this forum the most, try and work out what UOTC they are then pm, bearing in mind that each uotc would take a turn at organising each year, it would simply be a case of them rocking up to thier adj/psi/rao, and asking.
Tayforth also held on to the cup in 2007......

Do we get to keep it if we win it next year ?

held on to the cup through default i may add!

any body find out the deally with northern lights not happening last year?
there was not enough money in the budget to run nothern lights last year and thats why it didn't happen. I hear that this years is going to be held over the water in NI somewhere.
Find it hard to belive that they will run it over in NI. Especially with the current crack down on MTD's. Queens always cost more to bring over to the uk than the other OTC's participating and i doubt that they will be willing to spend all the extra cash on transporting all the OTC's over the water. Besides didnt queens host at Redford not so long ago?

In addition to that, and i may be wrong here, but i believe when queens attend NL over here they cant take weapons with them because of security concerns, so we wont be taking our own weapons with us, and yes i'm sure queens have a fully stocked armoury which would be sufficient for the march and shoot part but then you would have the added hassle of having to find more time for zeroing wpns, and hence more MTD's and more expenses.

Having said all that you never can tell what they are planning this year, unless you are the powers that be, and even then i would wonder if they themselves are 100% sure as to whats happening. Do quite fancy a trip over to Ireland tho if that counts for anything.

Find the funding excuse a bit weak myself, dont know how much notice Scottish OTCs had but we got word a fortnight before we were supposed to head across! think someone along the lines must of made a cluster!! Think a funding crisis would have been acknowleged far earlier than a fortnight before the event, well would like to think so anyways. Hope whoever fucked it up got a good kick up their hole!

Northern Lights over here would be mega, however cant see it happening for one reason or another!! For one would have thought we would have heard bout it by now, however you never know (first to go, last to know)
bert69 said:
there was not enough money in the budget to run nothern lights last year and thats why it didn't happen. I hear that this years is going to be held over the water in NI somewhere.
Latest I've heard is Warcop, 18-20 April and to be organised as a reshow by the louns and quines o' Aberdeen. ( I use "organise" in that loose Aberdonian sense of course.)
Warcop confirmed, AUOTC to host, le grand urinée up on saturday night (I hope!).

Cave of rave once again please (any Cultybraggan survivors still left out there?)
I know its a bit late in the day. However with regards to last year being cancelled, if you recall it was planned to move it to Warcop this was due to accomodation issues at Redford due to the ongoing renovations. Unfortunately, as far as I understand, the accomodation issue continued as Warcop due to the amount of regular/TA units already using the place and that was the main reason for it being cancelled.

I also had the pleasure of experiencing the very last ever Culty N.Lights before the place was shut!
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